Now in it's seventh year the Sydney Fringe Festival is the largest independent arts festival in NSW. Spread across five cultural villages, the Sydney Fringe presents over 300 productions in over 50 venues every September, celebrating local artists and encouraging new audiences to experience the independent arts of Sydney in order to build a stronger more sustainable sector.

In 2016 the Sydney Fringe Festival put the sparkle back into our City’s nightlife. It was time for the Independent sector to stand up and say “party”, to celebrate the rich cultural offerings that are lovingly created throughout the City all year round. This year we reawakened old haunts, revived long forgotten venues and activated new precincts across the City throughout the month of September.

We invited you to get your shimmer on and join us as we brought together the best Independent artists the City has to offer, welcome visiting performers from across the seas and adding a deep coating of glitter to everything we love about Sydney.

Kerri Glasscock
Festival Director / CEO