Last updated:  February 2018


 Newtown Entertainment Precinct Association (ABN: 16 393 987 277) trading as THE SYDNEY FRINGE
5 Eliza Street, Newtown NSW 2042
Phone: 02 9550 6087

‘Event’ refers to both the entire registered Event or individual performances and sessions within the Event.

Participation in the 2018 Sydney Fringe Festival is subject to the following terms and conditions.


1.     Artist Participation Fees are non-refundable. The Event Presenter agrees that should they withdraw or cancel their Event, the Event Presenter will forfeit any Artist Registration or other fees paid to The Sydney Fringe.

2.     Sydney Fringe (utilizing the services of Eventotron as the Artist Registration portal) accepts Mastercard and Visa for Artist Registration payments.

3.     The Event Presenter agrees to read and comply with the 2018 Sydney Fringe Festival Artist Handbook

4.     The Event Presenter agrees they are responsible for all costs in regard to the development, rehearsal, preparation, production, marketing or (in the event of) cancellation of the Event. The Sydney Fringe is not liable for any of the above costs, or any other expenses, liabilities, or losses incurred as a result of the Event.

5.     The Event Presenter is responsible for all costs associated with Venue hire and such costs must be negotiated and agreed between the Event Presenter and the Venue. The Sydney Fringe is not liable for Venue hire, production, technical or associated costs.

6.     The Event Presenter is required to undertake Public Liability Insurance for the value of $20,000,000. The Event Presenter is responsible for the cost and implementation of Public Liability Insurance. The Sydney Fringe is not responsible for the provision of Public Liability Insurance cover of any Event. For Presenters performing in Sydney Fringe Managed venues, a copy of your Public Liability insurance must be provide to The Sydney Fringe by the date nominated in the Managed Venue Licence Agreement.

7.     The Event Presenter warrants that it holds all necessary agreements and licences to perform and present the Event, including but not limited to copyright and music licencing. Sydney Fringe is not liable for any costs, legal or otherwise, if these licences are not in place.

8.     The Event Presenter agrees to acknowledge The Sydney Fringe in all marketing material (including but not limited to press releases and publicity materials) produced for the Event and will include The Sydney Fringe logo strip (available at

9.     The Event Presenter agrees to provide complimentary tickets to the Event for the use of The Sydney Fringe staff, sponsors, reviewers and other persons as determined by The Sydney Fringe. The Sydney Fringe acknowledges that any complimentary tickets not collected by The Sydney Fringe nominated personnel 30 minutes prior to the commencement of any performance of the Event will be returned to the door for sale.

10.  The Event Presenter agrees to advise the Sydney Fringe of any Artist Complimentary or  Rushtix ticket to be processed, within the published timeframe. Any Complimentary or Rushtix tickets requests that are submitted after this timeframe may either be rejected by the Sydney Fringe, or  the tickets will be processed and a $30 + GST administration fee will be incurred by the Event Presenter.

11.  The Event Presenter agrees to allow Sydney Fringe registered artists to attend the Event at no charge when the artist presents their Sydney Fringe Artist Pass at the Event once ticket sales are closed and if seats are available. Artist Passes Terms and Conditions.

  • Artist Pass will only be issued once – they cannot be replaced if stolen or lost
  • The pass is not transferable and photo ID may be requested
  • If you are suspected of sharing your pass it will be revoked for the duration of the Festival. This decision will be at the discretion of the Sydney Fringe Management.

12.  The Event Presenter agrees not to use The Sydney Fringe or its logo in the title of any social media pages (including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram).

13.  The Sydney Fringe will include a listing for the Event in the Sydney Fringe Festival printed 2018 Program Guide and on the Sydney Fringe website, if payment of the Event registration/participation fee is received within the specified timeframe.

14.  The Sydney Fringe will provide ticketing services for the Event through The Sydney Fringe website box office. These services are managed by ticketing provider I Wanna Ticket. The Sydney Fringe may provide an allocation of tickets for sale to Venues or other ticketing providers at its discretion.

15.  The Sydney Fringe will charge a booking fee $4.00+ 2% (GST incl) to the purchaser on each ticket sold through The Sydney Fringe website box office and phone sales.

16.  The Sydney Fringe will charge a terminal fee of $1.00 (GST incl) for each ticket purchased at the door of a Sydney Fringe Managed venue, paid for using credit card or eftpos.

17.  For Artists not registered for GST, the Sydney Fringe will deduct an amount equivalent to 10% GST of the total ticket price for each ticket sold for the Event (including online, phone, box office and door sales) from the Event settlement payment.

18.  For events classified as Major Events and/or require additional management from the Sydney Fringe, the Sydney Fringe will deduct an inside charge of $2.20 (GST incl) for each ticket sold for the Event, (including online, phone, box office and door sales) from the Event settlement payment.

19.  The Sydney Fringe will deduct any other charges incurred by on behalf of the event presenter, or owing to the Sydney Fringe from the Event settlement

20.  The Sydney Fringe will deduct a fee of 66c (GST incl) for each complimentary ticket issued:

  • Above the allocated 8% of venue capacity. This capacity is calculated on a per session basis.  
  • For any other complimentary tickets issued (eg Kids Under 12 Free)

This for will be deducted from the event settlement payment.

21.  The Event Presenter must provide a valid ABN or a Statement by a Supplier for the Settlement Process to be completed. If either of these are not provided, or deemed invalid, The Sydney Fringe may withhold or deduct tax in accordance with Australian Taxation Legislation. 

22.  Event Presenters from overseas must be aware of the taxation requirements and laws for performing and earning income in countries where they are not citizens. The Sydney Fringe reserves the right to withhold of deduct tax for overseas performers, in accordance with Australian taxation legislation and international tax agreements.

23.  Sydney Fringe will charge a fee of $30 to transfer / make payments into a foreign bank account

24.  The Event Presenter must advise the Sydney Fringe if an event is cancelled, with at least 24 hours notice. If this notice is not provided, the Sydney Fringe will charge a fee of $30 + GST. In the Event of a cancellation, the Event Presented must email both and, providing at least 24 hours notice.

25.  The Sydney Fringe utilizes the services of I Wanna Ticket (IWT) manage ticket sales. IWT commit to settle with the Sydney Fringe within two weeks of each event conclusion. Artist settlement is contingent upon receipt of funds from IWT.

26.  The Sydney Fringe will provide the Event Presenter with a detailed Event settlement report within four weeks after the final performance of the Event. Provided all paperwork and financial details (including the invoice from the Event Presenter) have been returned, The Sydney Fringe will make payment of the Event settlement thereafter. Failure to produce any outstanding documentation by 30th November 2018 will result in the artist forfeiting their ticket revenue. Invoice payments are made by Sydney Fringe periodically, not the day the invoice is received.

27.  The Sydney Fringe reserve the right to issue amended Settlement Statements and to invoice the Event Presenter for any overpayments.

28.  If the Event Presenter is performing in a managed venue, the Event Presenter agrees to adhere to the conditions of the Managed Venue Licence Agreement, including payment of venue rental fees, and cancellation fees.

29.  The Sydney Fringe reserves the right to crop or resize event images as required to best fit the Festival Guide. Presenters will be provided with the opportunity to proof their event listing before print. Failure to respond to proofs by the agreed time will result in Sydney Fringe making a final approval for print.

30.  The Event Presents agrees to acknowledge that the Venue Matching process will not commence until the Event Presenter Terms and Conditions are agreed to and Artist Participation fees are paid in full.

31.  The Sydney Fringe reserves the right to cite and verify any working with children checks in respect of any Artist / Event Presenters who engage in child related work, where applicable.

32.  The Event Presenter releases the Sydney Fringe from any loss (financial or otherwise), damage or liability suffered as a result of cancellation of their event.

33.  The Event Presenter allows the Sydney Fringe:

(a)    to take photographs, recordings and footage of the event (including all performers); and

(b)   to use any images or material submitted to the Sydney Fringe

for the Sydney Fringe’s ongoing purposes (including but not limited to, promotional (including social media), marketing, archival purposes and annual reports). The Sydney Fringe retains the ownership of all material per clause 35(a).

34.  The Event Presenter will complete the pre and post Festival survey, to enable Sydney Fringe to data and statistics regarding Festival events.