Each year we ask a group of artists to champion our cause and spread the word of fringe far and wide. We reach out to artists who inspire us, have influenced our way of thinking, have their own way of doing things, and unique voices that rise above the crowd.
This year’s ambassadors are:




“Some of the most transformative, potent and timely creative ideas come to those who quietly work away on the fringes.

In order for these potentially revolutionary ideas to penetrate mass consciousness, it is crucial for these ideas to have a garden to be sown, grown and bloom in. Only then, can the realisation of these ideas be considered and appreciated by the wider communities.

The commercial art scene often can’t afford to take risks on ideas which are deemed radical, on ideas which don’t guarantee immediate financial reciprocation, thus the independent art scene is a nest for brave newness, necessary shifts in consciousness and the broader spectrum of artistic expression.

Producing pieces of theatre that consider audiences of all differing abilities?

Physically,sensorially,and mentally?How outrageous!

And yet, here are examples of this idea in action, proving to be successful and transforming everyone involved, how marvellous!

Audiences of the works I am currently involved with, are all guaranteed a unique, rich experience, because everybody is being considered.

I express gratitude for the independent art



“All my experiences become, one way or another, all my art.

My art is music, my spirit just wants to create, my spirt is independent and my spirt is truly lifted by being able to curate Fringe Ignite 2018.

Sydney’s music scene needs to re-ignite, needs to collaborate to change the lock-out laws, needs to come together, show City Hall the multi-cultural vibrance and free thinking individuality that can bring people from around the world to these wonder filled streets. Refreshing and revitalising Kings Cross and Oxford Street’s music scene is key to this. I just hope you love the artists I’ve picked for Fringe Ignite as much as I do!”



“Surely every creative being has known a passion project; a creative endeavour entered into out of a sheer desire to make something that might mean something to someone. An idea that makes your eyes sparkle when you speak. Something more satisfying than a wage and a company car and paid leave. And so surely, every creative knows the pain that comes packaged with these passions. Whether it be the cost of living, finding an audience or even just taking the first leap of faith to share your creative baby with someone and risk criticism that has the capacity to cut you down. It’s risky business out here and to fund a project with love – in this capitalist society – is just plain stupid. And yet we do it. And that is what makes it so important. You wouldn’t put in the time, effort and upskilling required if it meant nothing to you and had no financial gain. The fact that we make it despite the odds, despite what our parents think we should do, despite the comfort of a risk free life; is exactly what makes it vital. Art is how we make meaning of the world and to express yourself with passion, in my opinion, is the sexiest thing you can do.”



“I believe art should be a platform to challenge the world around us, to provoke thought and reflection on each other, and most importantly ourselves. What I find fascinating is that it is not so much the art from established arts organisations pushing into new creative areas, as we might think. Although these organisations are well funded to do so, most of that funding comes with a criteria that needs to be met. This means that sometimes the art is not the sole driver of the work. So how and where does thought provoking art come from?

It comes from a place where risk is taken, not only financially but most importantly artistically. Independent artists represent the very front of the wave, when tackling new and controversial ideas and forms. Ideas which are the driving force of the art itself. Often with very little to no support these artists surge on, doing whatever it takes to get their work seen.

The Sydney Fringe is an important platform for independent work. It is a place where artists come together to share their ideas and stories important to them, experience others too, to make mistakes and triumphs, to question the status quo, and most of all feel a part of something bigger.

Without independent artists we could be in danger of becoming comfortable or complacent.

As an ambassador I am excited to support and host such works by opening our doors at Legs On The Wall. The Red Box in Lilyfield will become the Sydney Fringe Legs Hub, the premier venue for circus and physical theatre performance and workshops.

So go on, see as many shows as time allows, learn about others and yourself, and most importantly support independent artists’ voices.”