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By Virtue of the Same Movement



Thurs 10 Sep - Sun 13 Sep | 55 minutes Online Event

Power is a raw material, a driving force. It creates and destroys, gives and takes, expands and deflates, a vital condition for existence.

New realms emerge through actions that blur between body, material, beauty, violence and humour. Within the body’s persistent resemblance to a sculpture and its downfall, the performance journeys through construction and dismantling, reality and refutation, abstract and concrete.

A movement performance combining visual images and sound.

By Virtue Of The Same Movement premiered at the ‘Acco festival’ of alternative theatre (Israel) 2019 and won the Best Performance Award, Director – Creator Award, Music and Sound Design Award, and set Design Award.

This event will also be live-streamed as part of Global Fringe Gala Week 2.

Show details

Show details
  • 55 minutes
  • Venue 1: Online Events
  • Australian Premiere
  • This event will also be live-streamed as part of Global Fringe Gala Week 2.
  • Contains partial nudity.
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Thurs 10 Sep - Sun 13 Sep

"The piece is intelligent and the talent of the performers and creator is evident." Nano Shabtai, "Haaretz"

"Movement Theater that examines sequences of formation and disintegration and recurs. There is a creative imagination in the piece and some impressive images such as the dancer (Kupfer herself) that her body was nailed on the wall as a picture hanging at the museum; or an interesting version of "The creation of Adam" scene, from Michelangelo's fresco in the Sistine Chapel." Jon Feder "Ynet"

"It's about a world of imagery, but not the one that comes to make it easier for us, the viewers. As soon as we begin to connect the collection of movements we see on stage to a neat world – the piece changes before our eyes and reveals a new world." "It is fascinating (sometimes very funny and sometimes very painful) to see how a passive body of a performer becomes a tool of another performer that causes him stubbornly, slowly, to take action, or to be cast in a certain way and when it succeeds – there is some relief / unpleasantness in the audience. Like an invisible wire, unseen but present, like a bare electric cable, moving between the characters all the time." Jonatan Szwarc

  • Creator – Mica Kupfer
  • Performers – Meshi Olink, Ben Kobi, Mica Kupfer
  • Music and Sound – Yaniv Hayoun
  • Construction Planning and Building – Elad æladin Kalai
  • Lighting Design – Oded Kommi
  • Artistic accompaniment – Nava Frenkel
  • External Eye – Adi Helman
Presented by
  • Mica Kupfer
  • The piece was developed and presented with the collaboration and support of the 'school of visual theater' and the 'Ha-Zira' Theater in Jerusalem. The piece premiered at the 'Acco festival' 2019.