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Mr Yunioshi



Thurs 17 Sep - Sun 20 Sep | 1 hour Online Event

Mickey Rooney's infamous performance as Mr. Yunioshi in Breakfast at Tiffany's is often pointed to as the most egregious example of yellowface in the movies. His over the top characterization is cringeworthy to watch to this day, but it also raises several questions:

Should actors really have the opportunity to play any role? Could there ever have been a “right” way for him to play it? And what compels an actor to play a character that they really probably shouldn’t be playing? Asian-American writer/performer J. Elijah Cho attempts to explore these topics and more in his show, Mr. Yunioshi (Best Solo Show, 2019 Hollywood Fringe Festival).

Mr. Yunioshi is a solo performance piece that follows actor Mickey Rooney as he attempts to create his character for Breakfast at Tiffany’s.
Written and performed Asian American actor  J Elijah Cho.
This comedic show aims to explore the controversial topics of yellow-face and “colourblind” casting.

This event will also be live-streamed as part of Global Fringe Gala Week 3.

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Show details

Show details
  • 1 hour
  • Venue 1: Online Events
  • Australian Premiere
  • This event will also be live-streamed as part of Global Fringe Gala Week 3.
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Thurs 17 Sep - Sun 20 Sep

"There are no rules for solo shows and the ones that break solo conventions usually reap the rewards, especially if the way the subject matter is addressed is passionate, unique, and smart. J. Elijah Cho’s Mr. Yunioshi is all three. “Mr. Yunioshi” is an inspired idea, an expertly-written play, and feels surprisingly healing.." Gia On The Move

"Mr. Yunioshi is the must-see solo show of the Hollywood Fringe this year. It’s smart, fresh, clever, funny from start to finish, and exactly the kind of show you hope to see during Fringe." FringeReview

  • Written and performed by – J. Elijah Cho
  • Directed by – Joe Wagner
  • Stage Manager – Katherine Lester
  • Filmed at the 2019 Hollywood Fringe Festival in the Broadwater Studio Theater by – Nathaniel Beaver (Parry-Riposte Films)
Presented by
  • J. Elijah Cho
  • Breakfast At Tiffany’s Composed by Todd Pipes © Lorene, Lorene Publishing By kind permission of Warner Chappell Music Australia Pty Ltd