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SANITASIA – The Sanitation Gala



20/09/2020 4:00 am | 3 hours Online Event

Join the hottest event of the future – SANITASIA – The Sanitation Gala! Top performers, red carpet AND a competition with a grand prize. This gala is an oasis between fiction and reality, filled with disinfected glitter and alcogel showers!

With Grebnellaw, Butcherqueen, Progressive Genitalia, Shaya Khalil, Farvash and Smiley.

Welcome to the future where we take inspiration from current events on Planet 2020.
The Gala will be hosted by real-life Avatars, Leffe Crumlove and Ruccola Hängbjörk, as we blaze through a sanitation fantasia that juxtaposes fiction with reality. The FIERCE lineup of performances from Smiley, Butcherqueen, Shaya, Progressive Genitalia, Farvash and Grebnellaw will leave you refreshed with meaning and insight!

Plus the Yung Titties in concdert “ALPHA is the title track of our debut EP. It’s about being the leader of the wolf pack, which we consider ourselves to be. Our interpretation of being an Alpha is to be in charge of your whole life, from your economy to your sexuality to your behaviour towards other people. We think an Alpha should be strong yet kind, which is what we want to encourage with these songs. You don’t have to be a dick to rule the world (and you don’t need one either)”

Feel fabulous and erase the line between dystopia and utopia while linear time collapses among classic gala staples like paparazzi, photo wall, prize award and goodie bags.

Dress Code: Gala Mask ON, Newly showered in recycled gala attire.

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Show details
  • 3 hours
  • Venue 1: Stockholm Gala Events
  • This event is hosted by Stockholm Fringe Festival. Please see for more details.
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Stockholm Gala Events

This event is hosted by Stockholm Fringe Festival on their site. Please see for more details.

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Saturday 19 Sep - 6:00pm
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  • Stockholm Fringe Festival