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We, The Lost Company



Sat 26th Sept - Sat 3rd Oct | 35 minutes Online Event

A wildly inventive gallery of physical theatre, inspired by mother nature's most mysterious element and bound with a special familiarity.

Physical theatre company Clockfire present their new Australian production we, the lost company, an adaptation, a moving poetic tribute to mother nature’s most mysterious element. Exploring the migratory nature of the ocean and the power of recollection, bodies raw, branded with enduring sunburn, unfurl and contract in a space which overflows with echoes of the past and predictions for our future.

Inspired by acclaimed Australian artist Brett Whiteley’s beach paintings, this original gallery of movement spans a shoreline of mnemonic encounters that collide with a tide that disturbs and reorganises. Adapted for film by Laura Turner with performance direction by Emily Ayoub, performed by Madeline Baghurst, Ryuichi Fujimura and Alicia Gonzalez and accompanied by Ben Pierpoint’s original soundtrack, we, the lost company paints a timeless coastline, blue and bound with a special familiarity.

#ICYMI: Last chance return-stream September 26th to October 3rd. Tune in! 

Show details

Show details
  • 35 minutes
  • Venue 1: Online Events
  • This event will also be live-streamed as part of Global Fringe Gala Week 1.
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When the live or on-demand stream is available it will be housed on this event page. Simply scroll down until you see the video image, and click play! In 2020 all online Global fringe events are Pay What You Feel. There is no pay-wall stopping you from accessing the event, but we encourage all viewers to click the “Pay What You Feel Now” icon within the video screen and contribute what you believe the work has been worth to you.

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Sat 26th Sept - Sat 3rd Oct

"...we are all embroiled in this mysterious undertaking as one... revelling in the beauty of abstraction but powerfully connecting with its audience... The production is full of adventure… we, the lost company has vocabularies of its own that are refreshing, unique...but what it speaks can be understood by all" Suzy Wrong, SUZY GOES SEE

"The ensemble nature of the creation process gives the work it’s clear and distant longing… It is a fluid and transformative experience." Judith Greenaway, SYDNEY ARTS GUIDE

"We felt lucky to witness the piece … we, the lost company is something special." Sean Maroney, THE MUSIC.COM

"...we, the lost company is staunchly ambitious, which is thrilling for audiences.” Emily Richardson, UPSTAGED REVIEWS

  • Adapted from the original stage work by Clockfire Theatre Company
  • Original concept and stage direction – Emily Ayoub
  • Film by – Laura Turner
  • Co-produced by – Emily Ayoub & Madeline Baghurst
  • Cinematography and editing by – Laura Turner
  • Performer – Madeline Baghurst
  • Performer – Ryuichi Fujimura
  • Performer – Alicia Gonzalez
  • Arrangements & Original composition by – Ben Pierpoint with sampling from Billie McCarthy (vocals), Jack Murray (electronics), Julia Reidy (guitar) & Mary Rapp (cello).
  • Interviews conducted by – Emily Ayoub, Madeline Baghurst & Kate Worsley
  • Film still by – Laura Turner
  • Make-up consultant – Natalia Ladyko
  • Original theatre work devised by – Emily Ayoub, Madeline Baghurst, Alicia Gonzalez & Arisa Yura
  • with performances by – Madeline Baghurst, Alicia Gonzalez & Arisa Yura
  • Design collaborator – Amanda McNamara
  • Photography – Geoff Magee Photography
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  • Our thanks to the community members who shared their stories as part of this project. This project is supported by the NSW Government through Create NSW, presented in partnership with Erica Brennan as part of the Made In Sydney Programme.