Expert Tips for Producing a Fringe Show

Registration for the Sydney Fringe Festival has now closed, but if you have registered a show….


Welcome to the Sydney Fringe Festival!

We know that registering is step 1 of what can sometimes be an overwhelming process, so we’ve called on our new Program Coordinator, Rowan, to give us expert tips for producing a successful show at Sydney Fringe Festival.



In this early stages of the creative and producing process, even with a project you have maybe done before, there is a lot to take into consideration. And it can become overwhelming where to start. Here I have provided some questions to maybe start getting all those thoughts/ worries/ concerns/ dreams out and onto paper.


Prompt #1: Write down three definite about your project?

These could be in the form of things you want to achieve (goals) or even solid foundations of your piece or maybe something larger and more creative.

An example:

–       This work will be a theatre piece combining new visual projections


Prompt #2: What do I know?

Often heading into a project we focus on problem solving and moving forward which when you are an independent producer can be a lot to hold in one humans brain. Write a list as long as you need of you know about your piece

An example:

–       I know I will need a cast of three


Prompt #3: What do I not know about this project?

Yikes. This is not meant to freak you out but to get it out of your brain. These can be super practical things or unknowns that maybe you can’t control.

Some examples:

–       I don’t know if I should risk doing 5 shows instead of 3

–       I don’t know how to build a budget

Just keep purging all those thoughts until the ink runs dry.


Prompt #4 Categorise

From that list of “What do I not know?” start putting them in little categories”

–       Things you can’t solve right now. “I can’t finish the script right now, BUT it will be finished.”

–       Things you don’t have control over. “I can’t control how audiences will receive my material”

–       Things you could solve in a day or two with some research. “I can find a set designer if I reach out online through other artist.”

–       Identify 1-3 of the scariest or hardest unknowns. These are the ones that are head scratches, that you shy away from BUT if you overcome will be so helpful.


Prompt #5: Write 50 Bad Ideas

This final one is to get those creative juices flowing and to make you think outside of the box. No judgement is allowed and I encourage you to really try to get to 50, you will find those bad ideas may lead you somewhere.

From this point you can start going through those categorise and making steps to addressing them. Get your collaborators involved; maybe there is someone in your team can answer your “I don’t know”, maybe a day research means you can knock out a few of the small things, maybe realising you can’t control whether or not people will feel x, y, z in your play will actually be cathartic and let you actually get to work.


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