Interview with a Volunteer

Our Volunteers are at the heart & soul of everything we do here at Fringe. Without their help we would be unable to run our fabulous festival every year. Volunteering with Sydney Fringe is an excellent opportunity for anyone who would like to become involved in Sydney’s creative arts and cultural sector or gain experience in the entertainment sector, meet some new friends and see some great shows while you’re at it!

Interview with a Volunteer

We had a chat with our 2022 Volunteer of the Year, Iulia Zaitseva about her experiences volunteering for our 2022 Festival.

  • What made you decide to become a Fringe volunteer? Actually, it was quite interesting and an expected decision because I just arrived to Sydney in June last year and for me it was a way for me to try and essentially settle here and I saw the Sydney fringe in August via of advertising. I always loved festivals, I always loved arts. For me it was quite interesting in terms of joining like global culture. It was the first step into the Sydney cultural scene, because I worked in events for quite a while, I’ve seen a lot of life as a professional, asking questions like, how does it make here. It’s important to see art in context and to understand better how people are, what do they think about the arts in Sydney, how they’re represented here. Like mentality, and the culture altogether. For me it was a very good chance to see what’s in Sydney.


  •  What did you find, what’s in Sydney? Actually, I was really surprised. I’ve been traveling for quite a while and I’ve been in many countries, including a lot of Asian countries. I think this was one of the few places that I really found close to what I like, close to my personal, and how I see art, and I was really inspired by it. So, I have seen these kind of things in Europe, but still, here I like it more because it’s in a more relaxed form. And like, there’s not this kind of feeling that I’m the creator and you are the observe,  it’s like, it’s more like such a great community. What I found, is an absolutely amazing community here. And there are the nicest people that I’ve met for quite a while. For me it was absolutely amazing community of everyone all working together. From the production to creators, to artists, and there it’s in a very relaxed and very open atmosphere. So you are just open to many ideas. It’s really cool. It was a great, I was really shocked and in terms of performance on here, it was really so different, but it was so genuine and so authentic.


  • What is your fondest memory during the Fringe Festival? There are quite a few actually, it was from different performances that I’ve seen and the way that. I loved all the different locations and the location just has its own vibe, I would say. Yeah. And this is one of the coolest things for me because you’re just going to one spot and hear this kind of performance and this kind of people and they’re doing this stuff. I really liked a performance of a lady. It was very unusual because she was doing literally everything. I don’t remember the name of the artists, she’s really cool with a lady with purple hair. And she was performing everything. She was singing, she was naked, she was doing acrobatics. Very fringe. A very fringe show and I was like, oh my god, it’s what point it will, like how many more, like, yeah, it’s all in one performance. There was also a show by a guy who told an amazing story. it’s a story of a guy who traveled from, from Brisbane to Sydney and he was telling his story because he’s gay about how he was presenting himself to his parents. It was very high quality, romantic, and sad. I loved that I was a part of the theatre experience and in the art of creating it. I see those guys, they’re so, like, they’re very talented.


  • Would you recommend the experience of volunteering at fringe? Yeah, absolutely. I really really think that everyone should experience the Fringe and what I also like is not just for young people, there’s something for every age, I would highly recommend it to people new to Sydney, because I’m an immigrant. And I would recommend for anyone who has just landed to get involved and see that Sydney is full of ideas. I would highly recommend volunteer, it is a very interesting atmosphere, and you can start exploring the cities unique side. I think it’s one of the best experiences that you can have, museums are good, like, really good. But, if you want to feel the culture, if you want to understand what’s up with the arts here, I think this is the best experience. Like, this is the best place to go. And the thing is, after the festival, I actually got a job because of Sydney Fringe. It was a very interesting chain of events that led me to meet people and get involved in a new theatre project.



Want to become a Sydney Fringe Volunteer? Our Volunteer applications don’t open until June but sign up here and we’ll notify you when they open.