12 April, 2018 - Press Release

Sydney Fringe Launches Report Calling for Change



After four years of activating everything from tiny shopfronts to large scale industrial space we have compiled AN ANTHOLOGY OF SPACE 2015-2018. Proposing solutions to overcome the onerous red tape that is strangling Sydney’s creative sectors.

If clear pathways were opened up for the temporary use of commercial space by the performing arts and cultural sector, the venue crisis in Sydney could cease to exist. Our high streets could be filled with new small cultural spaces and vibrant mixed use businesses. Our large industrial space awaiting residential development could be utilised to provide greatly needed transient space for organisations like Sydney Fringe and their communities.

But for this to be possible we need to remove the assumption of risk that is associated by regulatory authorities when dealing with performance. We need to advocate for a State variation to the National Construction Code for the inclusion of a low-risk small arts venue, we need exempt and complying development for temporary cultural activities and we need clear pathways to enable that activity to take place.

The Fringe is committed to working with our partners and stakeholders to continue to advocate for change and to continue to drive pilot projects like these than can provide lasting change and build sustainable careers for the cultural entrepreneurs of our city.

To read the full report HERE