What To Do When it Rains in Sydney

We know all too well that Sydney is a city filled to the brim with summer day activities and sun-drenched spots for chilling, and swimming holes to float in, but with Winter rapidly approaching, the real question is, what do you do when it rains?

The evenings are getting darker and to combat this, we have put together a plan for you for those rainy days in Sydney.


Firstly, it would be remiss of us not to mention some of our incredible fringe venues that operate year-round. Sultry and independent theatres are our favourite spots to cosy up away from the rain.

Rule number one of the rainy days in Sydney: It is important to always have a plan when a rainy day is imminent. Be prepared.

  1. Check out the cultural Indoor Activities throughout the city
  2. Take a trip to the Silver Screen serenity of the cinema

    Support local, get indoors and enjoy!

  3. Brave the drizzle and head to an outdoor activity.
    • Rainy day walks
    • The Royal Botanic Garden
    • Mrs Macquarie’s Chair
    • The Rocks (our favourite spot), meander through cobbled streets, traverse narrow alleyways and find your new favourite cosy bar. It is the perfect place to stumble into quaint independent stores and splendid little restaurants.
  4. Go Vintage Shopping
    • Out with the old, in with the vintage!
    • Do a Marrickville Op Shop Tour (Our favourite is Noffs, can you go wrong with a fiver for an item).
    • Check out the vintage numbers in Newtown, even if it is just for window shopping.
    • Potter to a local independent in the Eastern Suburbs.
    • Go to the Markets at Glebe for some great pre-loved fits.
  5. If Sports are your thing, check out these Indoor Sports and Fitness Activities:
    • Blochaus indoor climbing centre in Marrickville.
    • Check yourself into a lovely spa in the city or go for a swim in one of the delightful Inner West pools. Check out the local Inner West Indoor Pools. Annette Kellerman’s is one of our favourite spots to cleanse your body, mind, and soul.
  6. Indulge in Sydney’s top-tier Food and Beverage spaces.
    • A cosy coffee: (Our favourite is Kelby’s 😉)
    • The Grounds of the City
    • Check out the coffee scene in Marrickville.
    • Double Roasters
    • ALL the independents.
    • Cosy on up to a Restaurant for delights and bars. Surry Hills is the spot if you are looking for a tasty something or a devilish tipple.

Put your feet up and let us plan those rainy days in Sydney!

There is a whole heap of activities to do in Sydney in the rain, despite what people say and if it happens to start raining in September, we can HIGHLY recommend a Fringe show or two as the best activity you can do on those grizzly drizzly days where you just don’t want to go outside.