ARTIST REGISTRATIONS FOR 2019 open 1st march

For all enquiries, get in touch with our Festival Producer Dino Dimitriadis via or (02) 9550 6087

2018 Artist Handbook

Everything you need to know about registration, ticketing, marketing and a whole lot of support for getting your event up and running.

The 2019 Artist Handbook will be available in early 2019.

We had a number of new initiatives for artists in 2018

We removed inside charges to most shows, so more dollars ended up in artists pockets at the end of seasons.

We listened to genre-specific needs and created new Dance Hub at PACT Theatre

We created a fully-equipped Circus Hub in the Redbox at Legs on the Wall.



We created a touring hub for international shows and our award-winners from around the country

We continued our Emerging Artist Hub and expanded to three space to support first-time and early-career teams

We added to our existing awards with Melbourne Fringe and NZ Fringe, with a Perth Fringe World Award and Brighton Fringe Award as well as more category awards presented by NIDA


What is the Sydney Fringe?

The Sydney Fringe is an open access arts festival, the largest independent arts festival in NSW. 
Key facts

  • The Sydney Fringe is an open access festival – meaning that anyone can apply to put on a show in September.

  • There is no selection process and the festival is not fully programmed or curated. We try to find a home for all shows that register to be a part of the Festival.

  • The Fringe curates a few festival events that feature in addition to all the events that register to be a part of the program.

  • The Sydney Fringe does not produce any shows that register through our system. We’re here to provide you with the resources, support and exposure necessary to make your show a success.

When is the Sydney Fringe Festival?

The Sydney Fringe Festival runs from 1 - 30 September each year.

How do I register an event?

The Sydney Fringe is an open access event. The process to register and communicate with the festival and the venues happens mostly in a custom built online environment designed specifically by the Sydney Fringe for our artists. We did this to make things as automated and easy as possible for you. Our EVENTOTRON portal makes it much easier to connect with other national and international festivals when you’re thinking about taking your show on the road. Most importantly, it’s easy to use.

The main steps are:

STEP 1: Create an account + create an event
Once you have registered with your email address, you will be sent a password to your email. Use that password to login to EVENTOTRON. Once logged in, select Sydney Fringe from the range of festivals and start creating your event

STEP 2: Enter All Details and Venue Requirements
This is where you tell us about you, your event and what you need in a venue. We’ve kept the questions as simple as possible and you’ll be guided through the process with progress bars in each section.

The Venue Requirements section is where you provide us with all the relevant information so that we can match you to a venue. The Sydney Fringe plays an active role ensuring that works are matched to the right venue. If you already have a venue in mind, there is an opportunity to let us know about it in this Step.

The final question of the Venue Requirements lets you read and sign off on the Event Presenter Terms and Conditions.

STEP 3: Pay Participation Fee
Once you’ve provided all your event and venue needs and paid your participation fee your event is officially a part of Sydney Fringe 2018. YOU’RE THEN BLOCKED FROM GOING ANY FURTHER. 

At this point in time, we will start working hard to find the right venue for your event. You will be contacted during April by our Artist Services Team to discuss your event. Once your event has been matched to a venue by the end of May, we will open up the next Steps of the online portal where you can enter your session details (dates, times, prices) and upload final imagery for the Festival Guide.

International Performers

The Sydney Fringe welcomes International Performers. The Registration process is the same as for a local performer, but will required to answer a few more questions relating to financials and taxation

If you are an international performer, you are responsible for ensuring that your have the correct Visa’s to perform in Australia. The Sydney Fringe can only offer very limited support in the area of Visa’s. If you do need Visa support or have concerns around Visa arrangements, please contact our Festival Producer Dino Dimitriadis as early as possible at

Does Sydney Fringe co-produce my event?

The Sydney Fringe does not produce any shows that register through our system.  We’re here to provide you with the resources, support and exposure necessary to make your show a success. Artists are responsible for all of the presentation, production and marketing costs relating to their events

What support does Sydney Fringe offer?

  • An event listing/tile in the Sydney Fringe printed guide (40,000 distributed in 2018 throughout metropolitan Sydney and beyond)

  • A unique show page with ticket buying click-through on the Fringe Website

  • Ticketing and box office management provided by the Sydney Fringe

  • Access to discounted advertising through Fringe Sponsors, where possible

  • Free access to all Artist Producer Masterclasses

  • The potential to be highlighted in Fringe features and advertising, in media partner publications and online, where possible

  • Artist Passes to see other Festival Events

  • Eligibility to be considered for a Fringe Award

  • Access to touring networks

  • Access to ticketing promotions

  • Access to producer speed-dating nights

  • Opportunity to be included in Sydney Fringe Hubs

  • Access to discounted venue hire fees, where possible, via the Sydney Fringe's established venue partner relationships




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