We are back for another year at Broadway Sydney for more fun and crazy pop-up activations! This year we are taking over the rooftop for an epic roller-skate rink, setting up a Fringe pop-up space and more.

This year we worked with two amazingly talented Sydney based ladies, Frida Las Vegas and Nicol & Ford to create our custom Fringe print and media campaign. Check out their wares at our pop-up event during September. 

Details of the Pop-up opening times and events coming soon!


High Rollers Rooftop Roller Rink at Broadway Sydney

Lace-up the boots, dig out the lycra and get set for the most fun you can have on 8 wheels.

This year thanks to the support of our partners at Broadway Sydney, a giant roof-top roller-skating rink will be built for customers and festival-goers to enjoy. Relish being surrounded by impressive city-views, this event is set to be one of the most exciting highlights of the festival program this year.

The roller rink will be operating all day Saturday and Sunday, along with night time sessions from Wednesday to Friday.

Just a heads up, you can only buy tickets at the door for this event.

Please see below for the operational days and hours of the event, plus ticket pricing per person:

Dates: Wednesday 5th of September – Sunday 30th of September

Wednesday 5pm – 10pm ($15 per person, per hour)
Thursday 5pm – 10pm ($15 per person, per hour)
Friday 5pm – 10pm ($15 per person, per hour)

Saturday 9am – 5pm ($5 per person per hour) | 5pm – 10pm ($15 per person, per hour)
Sunday 9am – 5pm ($5 per person per hour) | 5pm – 10pm ($15 per person, per hour)




Frida Las Vegas
aka Stavroula Adameitis

Glamour! Water! Bridges! Ibises!
Sydney is a glamorous and glittering city of divine contradictions! Through the creation of this graphic print for Sydney Fringe, I wanted to celebrate the unofficial icons of our city – like the much-maligned 'bin chicken' (or Ibis bird), wheelie bins and ubiquitous parking signs, alongside the more officially-sanctioned and internationally-recognised emblems like the Opera House. After decades of bad internal PR, it's time for the humble tip turkey to be treated as a feathered friend by our city's citizens, rather than an object of consistent repulsion – after all, Threskiornis molucca is only a shade
of Pantone pink away from being Australia's flamingo!

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Nicol & Ford

NICOL & FORD were thrilled to collaborate with Frida Las Vegas and Sydney Fringe to create two iconic Sydney outfits reflective of this glamorous city of excess we call home. Drawing inspiration from classic 1940s silhouettes and exaggerated 1980s executive style, these two looks combine sartorial power with the punchy colour, pop and sizzle of Sydney’s summer!

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