International programming fund

Sydney Fringe Festival has established our 2018 international programming fund and we are inviting you to get involved. Our 2018 international program will aim to inspire local artists, arouse local audiences and put an even bigger international spotlight on our beloved annual event. 

"We are very much a part of the World Fringe movement in Sydney and this year alone I will be visiting 5 international Fringe Festivals and having meetings with over a dozen international directors. We have a chance to handpick the best shows from these events and bring them here to Sydney. All we need now is a group of patrons who want to see this as much as we do.

Kerri Glasscock, Sydney Fringe Festival Director

International Programming Fund donation levels:

Happy Hitch Hikers - cover transport costs of artists to and from airports

Taragos-A-Go-Go - cover travel between festival within Australia

Champagne & Limousines - cover venue hire costs for a nights performance

Miles High Club - cover the flight of an international artist

Cultural Cosmonauts - cover the logistics cost of transporting sets and costumes


The Sydney Fringe has Deductible Gifts Recipient status and all donations over $2 are tax deductible

To be added to our contact list for upcoming events or to find out more about contributing to this fund please fill out the form below. 

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International Programming Fund

Miles High Club: Helen Bauer & Helen Lynch AM, Augusta Supple, Greg Khoury & Shin-Fa Wang, David & Delia Milton

Champagne & Limousines: Elaine Chia, Jude Paul & Jane Gatwood, Cameron Undy & Kerri Glasscock, Christina Anthony & Sharon Margin

Taragos-A-Go-Go: Richard Worsley

Happy Hitch Hikers: Tim & Zoe Davies

Sydney Fringe is very grateful for the support of all our amazing donors