A Murder Story, Retold



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Sat 24 Oct | 45 minutes Old 505 Theatre
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A Murder Story, Retold is the telling and retelling of a suburban murder story performed to Max Richter’s musical re-compositions of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons.

A cramped domestic dwelling sets the scene for a revenge killing by fatal poisoning. The story is told three times with a narrative that warps and shifts according to the music chosen for each retelling.

An experiment in form, A Murder Story, Retold investigates how repetition, physical scoring, music and sparse dialogue are interlaced to depict a non-naturalistic narrative. Framed by symphonic music, we magnify the physical nuances and details of the ordinary world and find a sense of majesty in the mundane.

Ninefold’s works are known to be unrelentingly intense, precise and imaginatively rich, illustrative of a signature style honed by a commitment to cultivating a shared language through regular physical performance training. Strong sonic and visual elements are crucial to the group’s aesthetic. These explored alongside physical devising, result in sensorially harmonic shows that envelope audiences with their operatic grandeur.

After a successful development with Brand X’s Flying Nun 2019 residency program, Ninefold is proud to present A Murder Story, Retold to interstate and international audiences for the first time.

This event will also be live-streamed as part of Global Fringe Gala Week 1.

You can access the online stream of this event without purchasing a ticket but we strongly encourage viewers to Pay What You Feel the work is worth. Now more that ever independent artists need your support.


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Show details

Show details
  • This event will also be live-streamed as part of Global Fringe Gala Week 1.
  • This production contains strobe lighting, violent themes and stylised depictions of death.
  • Please read our COVID-safe information below and on the Venue page.
Venue details & accessibility
Old 505 Theatre

Level 1, 5 Eliza Street, Newtown

COVID-19 Safety

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic this venue does not allow door sales at this time and has distancing measures in place, meaning all tickets must be purchased in group-size bundles.

The Old 505 Theatre, Sydney Fringe and the producing companies have all developed and adhere to comprehensive COVID-safe plans. However, there is of course an inherent risk in attending live events during a pandemic and audiences choosing to attend do so at their own risk. Please feel free to contact Sydney Fringe or the Venue to receive a full copy of the COVID-safe plans.

If you are uncomfortable or unsure about attending the theatre in person, we encourage you to experience the work during our Global Fringe season online.

Read about the in-venue COVID-safe procedures on the Old 505 venue page.


This Venue is not Wheelchair Accessible.

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When the live or on-demand stream is available it will be housed on this event page. Simply scroll down until you see the video image, and click play! In 2020 all online Global fringe events are Pay What You Feel. There is no pay-wall stopping you from accessing the event, but we encourage all viewers to click the “Pay What You Feel Now” icon within the video screen and contribute what you believe the work has been worth to you.

Dates and times


Wednesday 02 Sep - 7:30pm
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Thursday 03 Sep - 7:30pm
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Friday 04 Sep - 7:30pm
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Saturday 05 Sep - 7:30pm
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Saturday 24 Oct - 8:00am

“This is a truly thrilling ensemble to of the stand-out performances in Sydney…” Lisa Thatcher on Ninefold’s ‘Wyrd: The Season of the Witch’ 2018

“…a very rewarding hour at the theatre. Crammed with a dense amount of hard work that is on the verge of greatness.” Kevin Jackson on Ninefold’s ‘Wyrd: The Season of the Witch’ 2018

“The company’s image making is as visually striking as it is disciplined.” Jason Blake on Ninefold’s Wyrd: The Season of the Witch, Audrey Journal, 2018

“Director Shy Magsalin’s work is transcendent, compelling and powerful.” (Suzy Wrong, on Ninefold’s The Tragedy of Antigone, 2016)

  • Director – Shy Magsalin
  • Performers/Devisers – Erica Josephine Brennan, Gideon Payten-Griffiths, Shane Russon & Shy Magsalin. (For the 2020 Global Fringe program ‘A Murder Story, Retold’ will be performed by Gideon Payten-Griffiths, Shane Russon & Shy Magsalin)
  • Lighting Designer & Scenographer – Liam O’Keefe
  • Sound Designer – Melanie Herbert
  • Producers – Shy Magsalin & Zac Bush
  • Photography – Liam O’Keefe
Presented by
  • Ninefold
  • Originally developed as part of a Brand X Flying Nun residency, presented in partnership with Erica Brennan as part of the Made In Sydney Programme

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