Visual Art & Design

Anthony Bartok: Lennox Street Open Studio


Sat 17 - Sun 18 Sep | 7 hours Lennox Street Studios

Anthony Bartok is a Sydney based painter and print maker whose work is a wryly humorous comment on modern society.

Bartok’s work can loosely be described as Pop social commentary, taking images from the social spheres of Google and then hand-tracing, scanning, and re-contextualising them into an allegory for our current cultural situation.
Human failure, light entertainment and social constructs are playfully lampooned into a kaleidoscope of the public and private worlds of Western civilisation.
“I’ve always been interested in the privileged role of the artist to be able to speak their mind and reflect the world around them and to question things we take for granted, without any outside editing or mediation. I’m not interested in art about art or art about theory, that’s not art’s greatest strength in my opinion.”

He is a current Masters of Fine Art student at the National Art School, and has been a finalist in, among others, the Waverley Art Prize (2022), The Grace Cossington Smith Art Prize (2021), Lester Prize for Portraiture (2020), The Kilgour Art Prize (2019), Blacktown Art Prize (2018), The Mosman Art Prize (2017) and Winner of the Fisher’s Ghost Award for Drawing, Painting and Printmaking (2016).