Chopin's Last Tour

Chopin's Last Tour


19 - 23 Sep | 55 minutes Meraki Arts Bar - The Gig Bar

What was Chopin really like? What was his life's story, his romances, his struggles, his music? Internationally acclaimed show that explains the man behind the music. With live piano.

“Chopin’s Last Tour” is set in Scotland, 1848, the year before his death. He is in Scotland at the invitation of one Lady Jane Stirling who loves him.
It is the story of his life through his feelings and music, (live piano during the show). It answers the questions, “What was this man, who wrote such wonderful music, really like? What were his circumstances, what influenced him and who did he mix with?”
This production has been performed, with success and rave reviews in Edinburgh, Adelaide, Perth, Sydney, New Zealand and others.
If you love his music this is a must see show.
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Show details

Show details
  • 19 - 23 Sep | 55 minutes
  • Venue 1: Meraki Arts Bar - The Gig Bar
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Venue details & accessibility
Meraki Arts Bar - The Gig Bar

231 Oxford St, Darlinghurst 2010 (Gadigal Country)
Telephone: 0466473641


The front entrance is located directly on Oxford Street itself, and access to the Gig Bar is usually via the ground floor Gallery Lounge bar, although a seperate front door next to the main one leads up one flight of stairs directly to the Gig Bar and is best for loading in and out onto Oxford Street.

How to enter:
*ACCESSIBILITY: The Gig Bar level of Meraki is on the first floor, and is unfortunately not wheelchair accessible at present. It is accessed via one set of stairs which include a handrail.

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an intensely charismatic performance. Benjamin Orchard - Adelaide

gives Chopin a humanity that makes his piano music even more engaging. Ken Longworth - Newcastle Herald

  • Writer, Performer & Director – Phillip Aughey