Christ Almighty: A Comedy of Biblical Proportions

Christ Almighty: A Comedy of Biblical Proportions


14 - 23 Sep | 2 hours 15 minutes Seymour Centre - Reginald Theatre

The Jesus story gets an outrageous makeover in this laugh-a-minute comedy from writer-director Tommy James Green, with original music by Gianna Cheung and Jeremy Kindl.

Meet Jesus.

He’s thirty-three, single, and getting a little too comfortable mooching off his parents in ancient Nazareth. He spends his days punching in-and-out of his dad Joe’s carpentry business, and his nights punching bongs. It isn’t until God turns up at the door and dishes out his destiny that Jesus pulls his finger out. With a kick up the bum from his mother Mary and some fresh superpowers, Jesus heads for Jerusalem to save the people from what they never knew they had to fear... Their sins. Seems straight-forward enough, right?

Teaming up with twelve pseudo-revolutionary students and a sex-worker with a heart of gold, it’s not long before news of Jesus’ mid-shelf miracles reach the powers-that-be. Soon, miserly moneylenders, scheming priests and ruthless Romans are all out to whack this charismatic country-boy who would reluctantly describe himself as “the one true son of God”.

Packed with jokes, fights and original songs, this rollercoaster comedy about standing up for what’s right in the face of overwhelming odds tackles life’s big questions - without taking itself too seriously!

Show details

Show details
  • 14 - 23 Sep | 2 hours 15 minutes
  • Venue 1: Seymour Centre - Reginald Theatre
Performance notes
  • World Premiere
  • Content warnings: Sudden Loud Noises, Coarse Language, Sexual Themes
Venue details & accessibility
Seymour Centre - Reginald Theatre

Cnr City Rd & Cleveland St, Chippendale 2008 (Gadigal Country)
Telephone: 02 7813 4527


Flat approach from Car park and street. Plenty of parking surrounding the theatre with multiple accessible parking spaces.

How to enter:
In order to enter the Reginald Theatre you need to take an elivator down from main entrance, then a chair lift (staff there to assist). All doorways are wide, counters are lowered. The accessible bathrooms are located upstairs in the main entrance.

Dates and times

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  • Writer/Director/Producer/Lyricist – Tommy James Green
  • Musical Director/Composer – Gianna Cheung
  • Composer – Jeremy Kindl
  • Producer – Isaac Downey
  • Producer – Miriam Rihani
  • Assistant Director – Louise Colin
  • Choreographer – Melissa Glinn
  • Assistant Director – Kevin Rodrigueza
  • JESUS – Giuseppe Rotondella
  • MARY MAGDALENE – Emma Flynn
  • MARY – Melissa Glinn
  • JUDAS – Rosie Meader
  • KING HEROD – James Hartley
  • PETER – Keiden Cheung
  • JOHN THE BAPTIST – Simon Lee
  • CENTURION – Daniel Moxham
  • GOD – Jeeves Verma
  • JOSEPH – Neil Parikh
  • PONTIA PILATES – Abigail Dixon
  • THE HIGH PRIEST – James Burchett