Visual Art & Design

Corinne Batt-Rawden: Inside Out


Wed 21 - Fri 30 Sep | 7 hours World Square: Artists in Residency

Community Gallery presents Northern Rivers artist Corinne Batt-Rawden’s first solo show in Sydney. Corinne’s work explores physical impulses and abstract pattern making in search of freedom. Media: Acrylic and oils on canvas, digital prints and NFTs (non-fungible tokens). Artists supported by Barry Nilsson.

Safe creative spaces that express communal and personal extensions of desired identity provide a context for societal healing and growth.

Using found objects, brushes and spray bottles with acrylic paint on canvas, Corinne Batt-Rawden’s works are created from a space of experimentation and discovery within personal and communal spheres that result in a journey to unknown visual destinations.

‘Inside Out’ is a body of work responding to the devastating environmental disaster that continues to affect Lismore. This human-made disaster is mirrored in various forms throughout the globe through fires, foods, rising sea levels and dangerous weather.

The recent floods have triggered many trauma responses within the Northern Rivers community, and the artist has responded by engaging in a playful, creative freedom and pattern making to reconnect with joy, focusing on somatic expression and tension release as a core embodied technique. Release through exhalation in satisfaction when a layer of mark making is completed, spontaneous mark making, symbology and colour relationships all underpin the creative process. The repetitiveness of her process imprints learning within the artist’s body through muscle contraction and release. The completion of each piece is intuited as a reflection of self-realisation.

All works are sealed with archival varnish for durability and colour preservation. Corinne is also showcasing some Digital art presented on metallic paper which captures every detail. These works are also available as NFT’s.

Artist Talk and Music Performance 5pm Tuesday 27th Sept