Dragon Hearts

Dragon Hearts


14 - 15 Sep | 40 minutes Riverside Parramatta - Lennox Theatre

An experimental adult puppet show that tells ancient mythologies of dragons across cultures and time, exploring eco-feminism, and what it means to slay a creature of power.

Enter into a sublime world of reimagination with this captivating shadow puppetry show.

Bria McCarthy, an exciting and visionary writer, multi-media artist and shadow puppeteer, will take you on a journey through re-conceived and subverted dragon stories from Ancient Greece, old English folklore, the bible and Bria's personal dreaming. Through atmospheric live music, mesmerising light play and intricate storytelling, this show will transport you from the theatre into a captivating world of new lore that will stay with you long after you go home.

The creator:
Bria McCarthy (she/her) is a writer and theatremaker working on Dharug land, Western Sydney. She has trained and worked professionally with organisations such as Q Theatre, ATYP, PYT, Shopfront Arts Coop, WSU Centre for Society and Research, and Outloud. In 2019 she wrote and directed her debut play ‘A Game For Flies’, which played at PYT Fairfield. In 2022 her debut manuscript ‘Finding Liminas: The Sudden Tree’ was shortlisted for the Text Prize 2022. In 2022 she also wrote and created a shadow puppet short film called ‘Murriyang: Seven Sisters Rising’, and a solo show called “Dragon Hearts”. In 2023 she is creating a series of new works called “Tales From Liminas” whilst preparing Dragon Hearts for its Sydney Fringe production. Her work is characterised by an interest in environmental philosophy, a sense of wonder and playfulness, and her experimental approaches to storytelling.

Show details

Show details
  • 14 - 15 Sep | 40 minutes
  • Venue 1: Riverside Parramatta - Lennox Theatre
Performance notes
  • World Premiere
Venue details & accessibility
Riverside Parramatta - Lennox Theatre

Corner Church and Market Streets, Parramatta 2150 (Barramattagal Country)
Telephone: 02 8839 3399


Church St is now closed to traffic and is now only for light rail. Market St is behind the theatre and where the private venue parking can be accessed

Dates and times


Riverside Parramatta - Lennox Theatre

Thursday 14 Sep - 7:00pm
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Riverside Parramatta - Lennox Theatre

Friday 15 Sep - 7:00pm
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Brianna McCarthy has constructed a mirror into our world, tracing around the forgotten shapes and colours that sprout from the wonders of nature. She draws our attention to the beauty we so easily take for granted. Laura Franzi, Playwave. Review of previous work: A Game For Flies.

A Game For Flies is nothing short of mesmerising...my one hope is that this comes back on a larger scale Abbie Gallagher, Theatre Travels. Review of previous work: A Game For Flies.

  • Creator, Lead Puppeteer & Co-Producer – Bria McCarthy
  • Co-Producer – Geneva Valek
  • Music – TheArtGrl
  • Guitar – Adam Yoon
  • Special Thanks to – Q Theatre, The House That Dan Built, Kate Bobis, Nicole Pingon, Cheng Tang & Lili Occhuito