Visual Art & Design

From the Rubbish Heap


Tue 6 - Sat 17 Sep | 4 hours 107 Projects - Gallery

From the Rubbish Heap is an upcycled textile art series that tells stories of the ecology around Sydney.

Eav Brennan uses waste materials to make comics about the natural world. Come along to see how you can tell stories about nature, by helping make a more sustainable story.

I am a comics and textile artist who tells stories about ecology and the environment. I use what’s around – whether that’s leaves and berries or plastic bags, I always try to make sure that my art is made with the materials of my ecosystem. Inspired by DIY movements and collage art, I love finding ways to breathe new life into discarded and broken things.

I am also a disabled woman, and hope to use my work to show that the idea that disability is somehow unnatural, or that disabled people are limited in how they connect with the environment is a dangerous myth. We are part of and connected to ecology and the environment.

Artist Talk on Tuesday 13 Sept 6:30-7:30pm