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Tickets $5 - $80

Sun 2 Oct, 8:00pm | 1 hour 10 minutes

Not a confession, but a way to let our entrails speak... Punk, heavy metal, movement, poetry and video art create an environment that stimulates the senses.

Three women struggling to raise their voices against contemporary repression discover the suffering of their forbears. Exposes taboos and shines a light on the treatment of those dubbed “witches.” Hexe reclaims the pain of countless scorned and scorched female voices. It breathes life into tortured bodies consumed by fire centuries ago, returning colour to long-dead ashen cheeks… It gives voice to their truths, long ago ignored and demolished by a rigid, patriarchal society. Winner of the Derek Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Arts, Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2021. Photographer: Luca Rocchi

Duration: 70 min.
Performed in Catalan with English subtitles