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In-Festival Professional Development Workshop #4: Diversify Your Creative Income


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Mon 26 Sep, 6:00pm | 1 hour 30 minutes

How Many Different Ways Can You Think To Make Money?

Creatives are good at lots of different things, and with a little brainstorming and guidance those talents can be turned into revenue. Becoming less reliant on government funding can also open up abundant creative and commercial opportunities for savvy creatives and arts organisations that think outside of the ‘grant box’.

DIVERSIFY YOUR CREATIVE INCOME is an interactive workshop that allows discusses the various general ways that creatives can make money (including services, goods and passive income), and includes practical exercises to help brainstorm those ideas

The workshops examines in detail:
+ Identifying Core and Complementary Skills;
+ Understanding and crafting a Minimum Viable Offering;
+ Using a Skills Audit to inspire ideas;
+ The ‘Cheat Sheet; of ideas that previous creatives have used to generate revenue;
+ The testing process and how to identify a ‘good’ idea.

What do I get? All participants of this workshop also receive:
+ Lifetime access to a dedicated Dropbox folder full of additional resources and workbooks to help continue the learning after the workshop is over;
+ Access to additional free webinars to supplement the material covered in the workshop;
+ The possibility of further one-to-one business advice, mentoring and support from one of our creative industries business specialist advisors.

Ideal For: Creative freelancers, established practitioners, professional artists.