Theatre, Comedy, Online only

Little Parts Hunts a Baby-Daddy


Tickets $5 - $80

Sun 2 Oct, 8:00pm | 1 hour 15 minutes

An always-pregnant, over-intellectual clown decides it's time to interview a series of potential Baby-Daddies for her Maybe-Baby

Little Parts is a clown. She is also pregnant. And has always been. So, she’s not really sure she’ll ever give birth. But despite this conundrum, she is determined to find a good father for her Maybe-Baby; she is certain that at least one of the six applicants who applied online will be the perfect fit. Part confessional, part Bachelorette-wannabe, part puppet show – the selection process swings from absurdly funny to brutally honest as the identity of the real Baby-Daddy dares to come into view.

Duration: 75 min.
Performed in English