Tickets $25

Sat 17 Sep, 6:45pm | 55 minutes

Thao almost died on a bus, almost died on a refugee boat and almost died of embarrassment after drinking seven ciders on an empty stomach. Come hear her story.

In this comedy show Marmalade you won’t find any jokes about oranges however it will be ‘jam’ packed with Thao’s thoughts and personal stories on subjects such as racism, religion, relationships along with tips on finding a good restaurant.
If you like observational humour, call back jokes and silly one liners then this show is for you. A show about dealing with old people, woke people and how letting go of the need to control people leads to self empowerment.

Winner of Short and Sweet comedy and several open mic contests, Thao’s comedy can be best described as dry, self deprecating and occasionally inappropriate.

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“Constant, laugh out loud comedy” – Sydney Arts Guide

“Personable whacky logic, comedy and sharp one liners” – Fringe Review