Visual Art & Design

Penny Ryan: Lennox Street Open Studio


Sat 17 - Sun 18 Sep | 7 hours Lennox Street Studios

My oil paintings are linked by some aspect of waiting, from the surreal image of women waiting on cracked earth to a vast landscape titled Always Was Always Will Be.

“I am currently exploring the notion of waiting, whether as a small child waiting for a parent or as First Nations people still waiting for recognition since colonisation. In many cases the person waiting does not control events and is dependent on others, yet waiting can also be an act of power, playing the long game.

I have a MFA from the National Art School, where I majored in Ceramics. My major project, Connecting Hearts continued after graduating in 2017, leading to commissions in London and Adelaide. Connecting Hearts was a social engagement work, with over 6000 people actively participating in examining our connection to people seeking asylum across the globe. Since 2019 my work has primarily focused on oil painting.

My work is in public and private collections including the Migration Museum UK, the Migration Museum Adelaide, the Owen and Wagner Collection Dartmouth USA and NAS Archives. I have been a finalist in multiple prizes and won the Pethebridge Prize for ceramics.”