SELL ME: I Am from North Korea

SELL ME: I Am from North Korea


31 Aug - 08 Oct | 55 minutes Online Event

"SELL ME: I Am From North Korea" is inspired by the true stories of incredibly courageous North Korean defectors who risk everything to escape one of Earth's most repressive regimes.

On her 15th birthday, Jisun makes the heart-wrenching decision to sell herself to an old Chinese man to make money for her dying mother’s medications. However, after risking everything by crossing the Tumen River into China, she learns that she is not-sellable and finds herself on the streets. The piece was created to bring light to the dark realities and hardships of North Korean women defectors.

Show details

Show details
  • 31 Aug - 08 Oct | 55 minutes
  • Venue 1: Online Event
Performance notes
  • Australian Premiere
  • Content warnings: Coarse Language, Depictions of Violence

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"... heart-rending piece..." Tom Block, International Human Rights Art Festival Founder & Executive Director

"...excellent... important..." Henry Song, the Song Foundation for North Korea Human Rights

“... a genius” Andrea Christelle, Vice-Provost for Research, Dine College

  • Playwright – Sora Baek
  • Performer – Sora Baek
  • Director – Jaimie Van Dyke
  • Lighting Designer – Mikaela Baird
  • Stage Manager – Leigh Walter
  • Sound Designer – Jaimie Van Dyke
  • Editor – Adela Wagner
  • Camera Operator – Ben Miller
  • Audio Technician – Stephen Cooper
  • Production Assistant – Aidan Sartori