Shambolic Doodles


Tickets $24

Sat 17 Sep, 8:00pm | 1 hour

Have you taken a good, long hard look at the world and still have no idea what’s going on?

Have you contemplated the BIG questions?:
– Is there a meaning to life?
– What’s that smell and why are all those cats following me?
– Which show should I see at the 2022 Sydney Fringe Festival?

Well, contemplate no more! Professional ponderer and comedian Peter Gleeson has done the thinking for you. His shambolic word doodles will let you take a peak at things from a different angle. Does he have the answers? Will you be any wiser about the world around us? Absolutely not, it’s a comedy show not a TED talk!

Including material covering detailed medical procedures, how to generate renewable energy from genetically engineered dogs and a brief history of 2nd wave Norwegian black metal, Peter’s latest show is a surreal frolic through the thoughts of a man who enjoys a bubble bath while listening to death metal. I mean surreal – like proper Salvador Dali surreal, not that time your aunty Linda once found a chip that looked like Steve Buscemi surreal.

Peter has been writing and performing comedy for roughly the lifespan of a large dog. You might remember him from previous festival shows, Fun Bunny (Syd Fringe 2016), Frazzled (Syd Comedy fest 2017), Big Barry’s Bonza Variety Show Bonanza (Syd Fringe 2018), as a part of The Complete Guide to the Internet (Syd Fringe 2019). He’s also a regular part of the 10 Comedians and 7 Comedians Shows.

What audiences are saying:
“Loved stream of consciousness (stream of hilarity) from Peter Gleeson.”
“Fantastic entertainment, Peter Gleeson OUTSTANDING.”
“I couldn’t stop laughing! This guy was hilarious.”

See him while you still can, it’s only a matter of time until he goes bush and starts a cult.
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