Visual Art & Design

Shaping in Colour


Thu 22 - Wed 28 Sep | 7 hours The Shop Gallery

Erin Cormican and Bronte Cormican-Jones have joined together for an exhibition that spans two generations. The show features ink and glass works and a collaborative series entitled I Echo You.

“Bronte Cormican-Jones and her aunty, Erin Cormican, have collaborated on Shaping in Colour, reflecting each other’s style and interest in form, colour and harmony. This exhibition showcases each of their recent bodies of work as well as some unique collaborative pieces.

Erin Cormican is a Sydney based artist and writer, from the traditional lands of the Cammeraygal people. She has had a life-long love of art which she has pursued as an adult. Erin has completed a number of intensive workshops and regularly attended classes with Hunters Hill Art Group. In her artistic practice, Erin takes inspiration from organic forms and shapes, finding beauty in nature. She expresses herself through colour and works primarily in alcohol inks, acrylic, drawing and collage. Erin’s process is focussed on alcohol inks, and is drawn to their unique movement on the page. She experiments with unusual combinations of colour to evoke memories of joyful experiences in nature.

Bronte Cormican-Jones is an award winning contemporary visual artist and writer living and working on the traditional lands of the Garigal and Durramuragal people, Sydney. She completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts (majoring in Sculpture and English) in 2021, and is currently undertaking Honours in Visual Arts at the University of Sydney’s Sydney College of the Arts. Bronte works primarily with glass and has recently received the David Henshall Emerging Artist Award in the Fuse Glass Prize. She is interested in the way that glass can hold and mirror light, and plays with its reflective qualities to captivate her audience.

They have joined together, inspired by each other’s practices, to create a series of collaborative works. I Echo You reflects the harmony of their relationship through a conversation of light, shape and colour.