Visual Art & Design

Silence Has A lot To Say


Tue 6 - Sat 17 Sep | 7 hours 107 Projects - Gallery

I am a Deaf Australian artist, and I love showing how my mind works, through my bright paintings. I have such creative and visual thoughts all the time, and thats how I start my paintings. I am constantly thinking about my paintings, and find sources of inspiration from anywhere and everywhere, it could be a movie that has prompted a creative thought or perhaps something I see in nature or just simply walking down the street can prove to be an amazingly creative inspiration to me!

Being Deaf, I have a completely different way of experiencing the world, compared to those who can hear. I take in everything visually – including communication, whether that be through lipreading or Auslan (Australian sign language). I try to show this through my paintings. My life has been filled with ups and downs, but I always try to remain positive, I certainly don’t want anyone’s sympathy because I am Deaf. I have such a positive outlook on life, I believe it makes me so much stronger.

In years gone by I have travelled to London in England, and throughout Africa. I screen printed t-shirts, and used ceramics along with my paintings. I was quite successful with selling my different pieces of art, and really enjoyed using different mediums to create my art. Once I was back in Australia and my children had grown up a bit, I really began to focus more on my paintings and this is where my true passion now lies.

I have studied art and design in Sydney and Newcastle. A real breakthrough moment for me in my art career happened in 2016, when I was the subject of a film that was awarded as a finalist in Tropfest. The film focussed on the lead up to my first solo exhibition, it truly opened up my whole world. I am now working part time as an Artist Educator with the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney, and I spend all of my other time painting. My art work has been shown in numerous exhibitions in Australia and overseas. I have also been a finalist in a few art competitions.