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The Dolly Parton Dance Party


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Sun 25 Sep, 12:00pm, 5:00pm | 1 hour

It's your chance to dance with sparkly self-expression! Folks, we are gathered here today to praise our patron saint of self-love and line dancing, Miss Dolly Parton.

Find out who you are and do it on purpose,” – Dolly Parton. For nearly 60 years, Dolly has been singin’ her heart out, urging us to be the brightest, gaudiest, truest version of ourselves.

It’s time to celebrate and tap into some of her unabashed self-expression! How? By getting as sparkly as we can and dancing like crazy.

We’ll teach accessible dance routines (ahem… line dances) to some of Dolly’s best tunes. With simple and infectiously fun moves, a non-judgemental dance space and our patron saint of line dancing and self-love, Dolly is the gateway to unbridled joy on the dancefloor.

So, don your best Dolly outfit, (hello Dolly look-a-like contest) or somethin’ so uniquely you that it shines! The Dolly Parton Dance Party is all about celebrating your sparkly self. Speaking of shining, we’ve got you covered with a sparkle station for a little extra glitter. After all, “there’s no such thing as natural beauty.”

Bring your whole self (with as many embellishments as you like) to celebrate a very Dolly way of life: not taking yourself too seriously, spreading love, and shining in your own way. Big hair and rhinestones are encouraged!

The Dolly Look-A-Like Contest
Register on arrival to strut your stuff. Rhinestone cowgirl? Steel Magnolia? 75-year-old Playboy Bunny? Any and all iterations of our girl are welcome! All Dollies will walk the catwalk.