Visual Art & Design

Gordon R Carmichael: Lennox Street Open Studio


Sat 17 - Sun 18 Sep | 7 hours Lennox Street Studios

Towards the Symbiocene: a new world re-integrating humans with nature.

As a young boy, my birthday presents were usually easy; a new butterfly net or the “ah gotcha!” bug catcher was all I needed, plus a grassy paddock to keep me occupied all day. Now that exploration of the biosphere, my approach through art is expressed as Biomorphic Abstraction.

My creative technique evolves spontaneously from the layering of multiple elements creating these high-key lyrical and richly textured narratives.
Using this technique, I invite the viewer to consider what influences we encounter in these detailed works. There is the random and serendipitous; there are gaps and windows to what lies beneath. The empathetic with animated Jewell-like life forms or familiar narratives also explores our relationship with our surroundings and reinforces the human connection to the natural world.

I believe the magic in creativity is the right mixture of rules, experimenting or exploring and intuition. My colour pallet expresses joy and freedom, and the form is natural and full of life, fundamental to my expression. The creative process feels intuitive; I’m the conduit summoning the composition’s components as if the painting already exists, forming a relationship guiding the work.

A brief back story. I lived alone in an isolated rustic shack on 147 acres on the North-Western Tableland of NSW, without electricity for just ten years. Reliant on candlelight at nighttime and painting during daylight hours. The only sounds came from nature, with no lights, devices, screens or mobiles to constantly strain my retinas and my senses became heightened. I observed the moments between sunset and twilight where flowers glowed with a fluorescent vibrancy under a graded tone blue sky, buzzing with ultraviolet light. I felt the landscape was within me, also a part of all sentient life.