Visual Art & Design

Belinda Haag: Lennox Street Open Studio


Sat 17 - Sun 18 Sep | 7 hours Lennox Street Studios

Weaving of Worlds Through Three Mediums Travelling and storytelling through the natural world of colour in painting, intricately woven beaded jewellery, shamanic wall hangings I transform the discarded, weird and wonderful collected along the way.

I have always loved storytelling, mythology, cosmology, fairytales, particularly of ancient cultures, and the myriad of ways these stories are told through artistic expression, theatre, music, dance, art and jewellery.
These stories are the magic of creating other worlds.
My background is in theatre and art, having grown up in a theatrical family. A few years after my Fine Arts Degree and working in various theatres, I decided to go travelling. As I journeyed I made jewellery along the way – easier to pack beads, wire and a pair of pliers – and everywhere I went there were beads. As I explored the different history and culture of ancient worlds, the fascination of adornment and importance of shamanic and talismanic art developed.
Other inspirations in my own beaded designs come from nature, colour, and pattern making. I individually design and hand weave each piece that creates a unique artistic narrative of the combination of materials that I have collected over many years off sourcing the dis-used and discarded, weird and wonderful, in my travels.
Since returning to Australia my weaving has taken me to explore the world of natural plant fibres and I am now combining my woven beadwork with weaving natural fibres, to create talismanic wall hangings.
Each piece becomes a story, and as the story continues I have recently returned to my love of painting and am drawing inspiration from my travels both in my inner world of imagination and outer world.