Wil & Grace


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Sat 4 Dec, 8:30pm | 1 hour 20 minutes
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After a night of wine, wikihow, and witchcraft, 2 Petersham housemates find a naked backpacker on their sofa. Is he who he seems? Could he be the Bard brought back?

“Life isn’t magical. Not in the way I’d thought. It’s like madness. And that’s okay.”

Vodka. Grief. Raising the dead with a Wikihow article and an egg. Grace might not know exactly what she’s doing, but she knows how to believe. Varya knows exactly what she’s doing, even if no one believes her. Wil… is lost.

On a dark stormy night in Petersham, Grace and Varya drunkenly conduct a séance. They wake up the next day to find a naked man sleeping on their couch. And he says his name is Wil. Wil Shakespeare.

In a world where our futures seem increasingly uncertain, and life a little too tenuous, Grace yearns to find the magic in the little things. When the reality of grief becomes too painful, she turns to fantasy. She chooses to believe. But what are the consequences

Presented by Rogue Projects, Madeleine Withington’s debut play about grief, love, and the impossible is a fresh new comedy with a big heart – a play about believing in things, for better or worse, because sometimes we desperately need to.