When you register to take part in the Sydney Fringe Festival you get access to our incredible network of professional development, creative and industry professionals. The Sydney Fringe masterclasses offer an opportunity to hone your craft and learn from the best in the industry.

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The Guide and Your Marketing Strategy
Masterclass #3 Tuesday 16th April @ 6pm

Learn how to successfully market your fringe show. In this masterclass, we will explore writing killer copy, what makes an amazing show image, marketing channels, and how to build an effective strategy.

Speaker: Patrick Kennedy, Sydney Fringe Head of Marketing

All About Access
Masterclass #4 Tuesday 28th May @ 6pm

Diving into all things access for your show, event presenters and the audience. We will cover access provisions available with Sydney Fringe, questions to ask at your venue as well as some pointers if you want to be more conscious in providing access for your show.

Speaker: Access Coordinator

Make Your Show! Getting through Pre-Production
Masterclass #5 Tuesday 18th June @ 6pm

So you have your venue and your marketing campaign ready so it is time to start rehearsing and getting to opening night. From lighting and sound cues, risk assessments, chatting to a technician and producing tips, we dive into the nitty gritty to get you through pre-production to opening

Speakers: Programs Team + Guests

Marketing: Sell It!
Masterclass #6 Tuesday 9th July @ 6pm

Need a hand selling your tickets? Want to learn the tricks of the trade and the best tactics for an effective fringe festival marketing campaign? Master the secrets to cutting through the noise and selling out your show. Learn the best tactics used by successful producers and those in the know.

Speakers: Marketing Team

Bums on Seats
Masterclass #7 Thursday 6th August @ 6pm

Struggling to fill seats? We’ll show you some secrets to help you get sold-out performances! From papering to promotions, discover tactics to get audiences excited, talking, and buying tickets to your next show. This masterclass is your ticket to building buzz, generating ticket sales, and creating word of mouth.

Speakers: Marketing Team & Ticketing

Event Presenter Guide

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