5 Fringe Festivals from Around the World You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

Orlando Fringe, Florida USA


When you’re sharing a stage with Disney World, you had better make sure you’ve got what it takes to put on one hell of a show! Now in it’s 25th year, Orlando Fringe has been doing just that for almost a generation.

San Diego Fringe, California USA


Set in the sunny beautiful southern Californian city of San Diego, this festival promises ‘11 days of eyeball busting shows’, sounds fun, right?


Prague Fringe, Czech Republic


Happening each May, Prague Fringe takes place in the city’s vibrant Malá Strana district. Now in its 14th year, the festival is a mainstay of the Czech Republic’s cultural calendar.


Tiger Dublin Fringe, Ireland


One of the few major Fringe Festivals to have a 100% curated line-up, Dublin Fringe takes place each September in Ireland’s historic capital city.

Brighton Fringe, UK


Often described as Britain's LGBT capital, Brighton is a coastal city just south of London with a colourful and diverse cultural scene - what better place for a festival celebrating the weird and wonderful world of the arts!