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  • Off Broadway Festival Hub 74 Pyrmont Bridge Road Annandale, NSW, 2038 Australia (map)

What makes a woman? Is it as simple as anatomy, or is there a universal experience or core that links all women? Is anatomy irrelevant? Is being a woman a feeling? And how is that different to being a girl? Is femininity intrinsic to womanhood? 

In our first production, Minor Emergency Theatre Company asks these questions, both of an audience and of the women we have interviewed to create ‘That's what she said...’. Will these questions be answered? It’s likely they won’t, but our hope is that in asking them, a discussion will ensue. Our play itself is an hour long discussion; the words taken verbatim from women we know. Like the women, the subject matter is diverse, ranging from the struggles of a morning to those of a lifetime, humorous anecdotes to difficult recollections.

Another question: why verbatim? Verbatim puts the words of real people on a stage- not characters, not famous figures, but the people we know, whose words are not always heard as loudly or clearly as they should be. If we have learned anything from the recent new-wave of feminism, it’s that female voices need to be heard more. We’d like make our own offering of female voices: the voices of a five woman theatre company, as well as those of the many women kind enough to speak to us.

Earlier Event: 13 September
Later Event: 14 September