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  • Off Broadway Festival Hub 74 Pyrmont Bridge Road Annandale, NSW, 2038 Australia (map)

Join the worlds most infuriating immortals, the vampires Albert and Jameson, as they struggle to grapple with life's three big "E's"; eternity, enraged peasants and each other. Following a very public, very audible blunder by Albert at the birthday festivities of the young prince, the paltry pair are forced in to hibernation for a century of so. They awake in the modern world only to discover that living in the age of Facebook, television and smart phones is about as tolerable as an eternity of one another's company.

The piece, written by Adam O’Brien, artistic director of The Dire Theatre, who last year debuted “Our Neighbourhood: A Play with Songs” at the Workshop Theatre; which then went on to a successful season at the Sydney Fringe Festival, is a fresh look at the absurdist genre. “Absurdist theatre is usually so deflating” says O’Brien “even the so called comedies. You pay money to see a masterpiece like Beckett’s ‘Waiting for Godot’ and you may leave with an appreciation for theatre as a craft and an existential crisis, but you are robbed of the potential realisation that maybe the complete lack of cosmic confine or spiritual structure is freaking hilarious!’. This is what we are aiming to do with Albert and Jameson, we hope to give audiences the freedom to embrace the absurdity of everything, positively.”

With a cast of only three, Albert and Jameson: A Play with Vampires is a very intimate production that leaps between moments of rapier sharp wit and vicious verbal volleys, to moments of pure smut and childlike name calling, and of course everything from sensual blunders and violent murders in-between.

Earlier Event: 22 September