Support The Sydney Fringe this End of Financial Year.


We want to raise over 1 million dollars to safeguard the future of our Fringe artistic communities and strengthen Sydney’s cultural future. Never has it been so important to support the arts. We have had a few years of knock backs and we. want to dedicate our resources, time and energy into supporting independent artists, culture and ensuring that


Throughout over 18 months of restrictions, we have been able to experience so little performance, theatre, live music, and more. Many of the things that bring us joy, give a sense of discovery, and transport us to another place have simply been put on hold.

And while the artists have done their best to stay resilient, passionate, ingenious, and dedicated, we turn our sights now on making Sydney Fringe the bigger, better celebration we are all looking forward to again.

Our We’ll Fringe Again campaign is raising money for a fund that will allow artists to create, produce and tour (internationally?!) their works over the coming years.

We’re calling on businesses (that’s you!) to enable your employees in a matched funding campaign.  Employees can give a lot or a little, as many times as they like throughout the year, while they work.

Workplace giving is an effective, efficient, and ethical way for businesses and their employees to support the charities they care about.

For companies, workplace giving is a smart way to demonstrate a strategic commitment to corporate community investment. Employees are provided with an opportunity to connect with the values of the company they work for and an avenue to make a positive difference in society and the environment.


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