In 2019 Fringe Celebrates a Decade of Sydney Stories. The Sydney Fringe Festival had a record-breaking year in 2018 with partnerships, attendance, media coverage, engagement and participation reaching their highest levels to date. 

As the largest independent arts festival in NSW we are asking our venues, artists, audiences and partners to invest in the city’s cultural life through participation with the Sydney Fringe. Together we will help build a vibrant cultural offering by demonstrating the possibilities across our 30 day festival. 

What we do with our partnerships is unique, dynamic and adds significantly to the festival experience as well as directly impacting the social fabric of our city and allowing our creative community to continue their artistic and cultural development.

Why Partner?
We work year round with our partners to creatively think outside the box. Connect your brand with our growing audience of entrepreneurs, dreamers, and visionaries in bespoke, inventive and high profile ways. Becoming a Sydney Fringe partner means you not only share our values and vision of helping tomorrow’s creative entrepreneurs build a vibrant city, but you also want to help lead the charge.

Exposure To Thought Leaders
By partnering with Sydney Fringe you will be exposing your brand to thousands of engaged, curious and inspired followers. Position your brand as a thought leader and innovative organisation whose community initiatives are fostering the growth of our cultural entrepreneurs for the benefit of Sydney, NSW and Australia

Bespoke Campaigns
Our creative team tailor exclusive partnership packages that are unique to each of our partners objectives. We use big ideas to connect your brand with the influential Sydney Fringe community, through experiential activations, programming, surprising events and workshops. 

Opportunities exist for alignment with key festival hubs, genres, event components and on-site activations to amplify the partnership and ensure authentic engagement with your brand through integrated content, strategy or facilitation.

Think of Sydney Fringe as an incubator for new ideas within your company. A creative platform from which to develop new perspectives, reimagine public spaces and to also uncover local independent artists, culture creators and performers. 

For more information, please contact Pia Andersen, Business Development Manager; 

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