Giving you a mix of long-form, short-form and everything in between-form, these weekly, musing and meandering conversations with art and culture makers from across Sydney and the cultural spectrum offer an insight into the creative mind and why a vibrant arts culture is so important right now.

Segments include;

Musings On Making – long-form interviews with leading Sydney arts makers about their work, their practice and their place in the world.
Five In Focus – rapid-fire interviews that give a glimpse into the life and work of some of Sydney’s best-loved musos.
Art In Your Ears – unique made-for-audio artworks in genres from cabaret and comedy to storytelling, spoken word, and short pod-plays

All sandwiched between an auditory feast of new (often never before heard!) tracks by the best Sydney bands and solo artists.

Hosted by Charley Sanders, our Artist & Venue Services Manager, with Tiera Boo, our Design & Content producer, co-hosting and producing.

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