Development Diaries: Little Fictions Fun Facts

We’re so excited to be part of the Sydney Fringe again this year presenting four different and fabulous shows each Monday night of September at the very groovy Knox Street Bar, Chippendale. What better way to spend a Monday night than in the company of friends, enjoying great pub grub with a cocktail, boutique beer or fine wine? To get a good seat or to grab a table for you and your friends, buy your tickets early.

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Development Diaries: Great Detectives of Old Time Radio Live

Benjamin Maio Mackay gives us the inside scoop on his upcoming Sydney Fringe Show, Great Detectives of Old Time Radio Live

The cast (left-right) Eden Trebilco, Benjamin Maio Mackay, Jennifer Barry and Julia Sciacca in rehearsal for the upcoming tour.

The cast (left-right) Eden Trebilco, Benjamin Maio Mackay, Jennifer Barry and Julia Sciacca in rehearsal for the upcoming tour.

The idea for this show first occurred to me back in 2013 while I was listening to some original versions of 1950s radio shows, presented as podcasts. That was when inspiration struck, these stories, in the public domain, were not only dramatic and mysterious - but funny. For me that was one of the first major selling points, this mix of comedy, mystery and intrigue is a recipe for the perfect evening at the theatre - it’s everything somebody could want from a show. 

I spent months researching all the different radio dramas that were on in the 1950s and while there are a wealth of good shows, only a couple were great. That’s how I came across Candy Matson and Yours Truly Johnny Dollar. Then due to various other projects I sidelined the show, but when I was looking for something to produce in the 2015 Adelaide Fringe I decided Great Detectives of Old Time Radio Live was the one. The show was received very well in Adelaide, by audience and critics alike - but in this original version the comedy was lacking.

The project came resurfaced in my mind early this year (2016) after some discussion about potential shows to perform in Sydney. A revised, more comical version of this show made perfect sense, not only for Sydney, but to bring around Australia - which is how the 9 city national tour eventuated. 

With these details beginning to be locked in I started re-writing, so what will open in the Sydney Fringe Festival is a completely revised version of the show. The humour flows in abundance, while not compromising the mystery and intrigue - and the whole show is also historically accurate. This is one show that I can truly say people of all ages will enjoy. 

The icing on the cake with this show is the incredible cast - in addition to our leads Julia Sciacca, Eden Trebilco and Jennifer Barry, (and me), we are being joined by a range of celebrities who’ll cameo in the show each night. It’s a night of mystery, comedy and intrigue, and personally I can’t wait to see you there.

5 Fringe Festivals from Around the World You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

Orlando Fringe, Florida USA

When you’re sharing a stage with Disney World, you had better make sure you’ve got what it takes to put on one hell of a show! Now in it’s 25th year, Orlando Fringe has been doing just that for almost a generation.

San Diego Fringe, California USA

Set in the sunny beautiful southern Californian city of San Diego, this festival promises ‘11 days of eyeball busting shows’, sounds fun, right?


Prague Fringe, Czech Republic

Happening each May, Prague Fringe takes place in the city’s vibrant Malá Strana district. Now in its 14th year, the festival is a mainstay of the Czech Republic’s cultural calendar.


Tiger Dublin Fringe, Ireland

One of the few major Fringe Festivals to have a 100% curated line-up, Dublin Fringe takes place each September in Ireland’s historic capital city.

Brighton Fringe, UK

Often described as Britain's LGBT capital, Brighton is a coastal city just south of London with a colourful and diverse cultural scene - what better place for a festival celebrating the weird and wonderful world of the arts!

There's a Secret Abandoned Tram Shed in Glebe and it's Beautiful

Possibly one of Glebe's best kept secrets, the Loftus Tram Shed is strictly off limits to the public. It's a place where old trams and busses have been laid to rest since the mid twentieth century and it's become a haven for the city's graffiti artists.

These images were uploaded to Abandoned Australia in 2014.


As the largest independent arts festival in NSW, the Sydney Fringe partners with over 1800 artists each year to provide a platform for their work. Our 2015 festival saw 350 productions in over 60 venues, showcasing the abundant talent in the independent and small to medium sector. As we get ready to launch this year's program on August 1st, we're once again excited by the diversity and ambition of the work submitted this year. 

The Sydney Fringe works year-round to put art and culture first. We work closely with government and the corporate sector to increase support for cultural activity, to amend legislation to make art-making less restrictive and to mentor and equip the next generation of cultural leaders. 

#istandwiththearts is not aimed at one political party, but this is a political issue. It's about properly recognizing the cultural and economic contribution of the arts to our communities. It's about restoring federal arts funding because the arts are valid and vital. It's about resourcing and equipping the Australia Council to continue to make qualified and sector-informed funding allocations. It's about artists not having to continuously fight to legitimize their practice when in reality making art actually makes business sense. It's about audiences standing with artists to support the culture they consume on a daily basis. It's about making culture an issue this election.

Artistic culture isn’t easily created, but it can be easily destroyed. Now more than ever, arts and culture are under threat. We encourage everyone to play their part, to keep this campaign alive, and to let our policy makers know that the arts should be supported. The Sydney Fringe stands with the arts. We stand for and alongside all artists. We commit to using our resources to advocate for change that safeguards the future of our sector.

Will you stand with us?


Kerri Glasscock
Festival Director and CEO

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