At Fringe, it really does all go to show

In 2023, we need your support to program 123 shows in our open-access hubs.  At $3,000 a subsidy, we need to raise $369,000.  We need to secure that by March when our awesome artists begin to register for the festival. So do you love the Show? Show us the love!

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For a $2 (Tax deductible) donation, you can shine a spotlight on incredible independent performers and create a space for creativity to thrive in Sydney.

Our vision is to be one of the world’s leading Fringe Festivals, sharing local artists and Sydney with the world. Join us and be one of the Fringe Kind. Each donation amount gives you different access to festival insights, events and fabulous Fringe moments. Check out what kind of donor you could become:




Our Director’s Circle donors have brought their friends and family into the fold, raising additional funds to support the next generation of independent artists and the vital year-round work Sydney Fringe undertakes to activate space for the performing arts and creative industries of Sydney. As part of the Director’s Circle donors are able to influence and contribute to the greater vision of Sydney Fringe, are passionate about investing in the cultural life of Sydney and determined to ensure that Sydney remains a great global city recognised for its cultural offering.



Your contribution enables us to activate more space more often to nurture the next generation of culture creators. Building a more sustainable future for independent artists and directly contributing to the cultural vibrancy of our city. In 2018 Sydney Fringe activated over 30 temporary performances spaces as part of our festival. Help us appropriate and activate vital unused and underutilised space for local artists and audiences.



Your investment helps us to create new and vibrant events, activations and performances. You might not be able to hang it on your wall but your support directly contributes to the creation of new works by new artists and you will own it for a moment come festival time in September.



We welcome your support with open arms in a warm family sized hug. Don’t underestimate the power of a small donation, a little goes a long way in the independent arts world and your contribution makes a huge difference to our day to day operations.

 P.S. We know there are a lot of asks out there right now, but really need your support to fund these shows in 2023. We value each contribution you can make in this testing time.