YOKE, the official creative partner of the Sydney Fringe Festival in 2018, brings to you Fringe UNYOKED: A ‘Creative Rewilding’, uniting both audiences and artists, for deeper conversation that are engaged with deeper art and deeper listening.

A specially curated series that breaks the mould of traditional panel discussions, engaging on realms that embraces a sense of ritual, the rising feminine, courage, and creativity, making more room to create and evolve. A living-breathing continuum of the YOKE ethos: to increase positive impact and creative expansion with our hearts, minds and efforts.

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Mantra moves:
Lose your mind

Join musician Nadav Kahn and renowned Yogini Eileen Hall for this special master class, where music and yoga meet the realms of the sublime. 

Yoga Asana is more than just physical exercise. It is also an inner experience, by which we connect to something mysterious and internal. Added ti that, yoga with live music is a completely unique experience, where music can become part of your breath, carrying you on a special journey. 

for beginners or advanced yogis. 
When: CLOSING WEEKEND Sunday 30 Sep 11am-1pm


POP temples:
A sacred space for reflection for all

Curated by singer songwriter Nadav Kahn

92 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst

The POP TEMPLE is a unique space created especially for the Sydney Fringe, where we can gather together with a specific intention – to offer a peaceful, meditative hideaway in the heart of the city.

What holds it together? Pop music of course…

From Prince to Daft Punk to Jessie J to Joy Division and much more, this specially created POP TEMPLE will revel in a collection of old and new hit songs re-dressed in meditative, eastern-infused musical soundscapes. These songs will be carefully crafted to attune the ear to the songs deeper message, revealing that the sacred is truly hidden in all things if we simply open our selves to it. Drawing on the tradition of ancient chants, the often over-looked wisdom of pop will unveil its deep familiar magic right here in this specially created POP TEMPLE.

Nadav Kahn will head the music at the pop temple, joined by other musician’s friends. He has played in many indie pop bands over the years, but for over 10 years has also played devotional music in synagogues, Hindu temples and yoga schools internationally. He has carefully curated a playlist of pop music that he will play live at the temple in order to bring to create - not an entertainment venue - but rather a peaceful space designed to refuge the mind from the demands of life. 

All are welcome to come visit the POP TEMPLE.


Saturday 22 Sept | 2-4 pm | 7- 10PM 

Sunday 23 Sept | 2-4 PM | 7-10PM 

Fringe UNYOKED Magazine

As Creative Partner of this years Sydney Fringe YOKE brings you this free exclusive online edition, featuring our favourite Australian's doing amazing work in the world.

YOKE is an explosive mix of many things that delves deep into story telling.
Its a celebration of beautiful ideas, people and art. 
Where we learn to live joyfully in the small moments, the stories of difference and modern relevance of ancient ideas. 

YOKE is primarily a print publication and is by it's nature much sexier in the flesh. Get behind this local printed Indie magazine by heading to yokemagazine.com

TALKS, performance and experiences unyoked



Featuring Erfan Daliri. 
Building resilience through facing our own shadow, and that of our shared humanity, so we can address equality for all as a collective. 
When: Sunday 9th Sept 3-4.30pm


Reclaiming the power of self-expression to create revolutionary change

Are you ready to unlock your creative potential and reclaim your self expression? 

A panel discussion of selected spoken word artists, emerging and recognised, sharing truths around their creative process, life as an artist and how their art and passion for social change informs their work and life. 

Hosted by Nicky West in conversation with Melanie Ree(Caramelsauce); Bhupen Thakker, Gabrielle Journey Jones and Erfan Daliri
When: Sunday 9th Sep 6-7.30pm


MY Vag is sacred:
part theatre | part meditation | part dance party

A revealing interactive performance experience that takes you on a reflective journey through the metaphoric landscape of the female body in a guided reimaging of what is valuable and sacred. 
When: Sunday 16th Sep 6-7.30pm



Take your place at the table. 

The dinner table is the new spiritual technology! A lofty aim exploring what we can become if we look to the mantel of co-creation collectively. Nourishing our spirit with a call to community, these new contemplative supers by YOKE magazine are motivated by the power of ancient wisdom, conversation and storytelling, exploring what we can become, if we took up the mantle of co-creation collectively. 

We are taking supper UNYOKED to the Sydney Fringe with three themed long-table female identifying only, salon suppers. In the private home of YOKE magazine editor in the heart of Redfern, continuing the contemplative call to community and the feminine rising, motivated by the power of ancient wisdom, story telling and creativity.




A Living Spell  
An invitation to women of all ages who are driven by passion and purpose to support one another in order to raise and reinstate the feminine collective consciousness. 

Special Guest: Carmella Baynie
When: Saturday 8th Sept 6-9pm
Limited to 26 seats



Speak your own medicine
An invitation to female storytellers of all stripes, come to an intimate salon gathering in celebration of word, storytelling and conversation. Spoken word artists, writers, performers, visual storytellers.

Special Guests: Gabrielle Journey Jones and Vanessa Lee from UNSPOKEN WORDS
When: Wednesday 12th Sept 6-9pm
Limited to 26 seats

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