Lennox Street Studios

111 Lennox Street, Newtown

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Since 1995, Lennox Street Studios in Newtown has been a place of work for artists practicing in mediums ranging from painting, sculpture, ceramics, photography, print making, textiles and more. It has been home to art school graduates right through to Archibald Prize winners and, as such, promotes an atmosphere of mutual learning and understanding in a supportive environment. On the weekend of the 17 – 18th of September we will be opening our doors to the public. Come and meet our 35 artists and see that a real working art studio looks like! Affordable artwork will be available direct from the artists. Artists on show include: Andrew Sullivan, Anthony Bartok, Andre Hobday, Ariel Ruby, Bronwyn Austen, David Art Wales, Caleb Slater, Christian Bonett, Christopher Horder, Donald Paull, Emily Valentine, Genevieve Harnett, Gordon Carmichael, Hannah Della Bosca, Jake Klarnet, Julie Ashcroft, Jo Parkin, Kelly Wallwork, Leon Fernandes, Liam Nunan, Loris Quantock, Maria Christou, Melanie Grey, Malcolm Poole, Nedean O’keefe, Pauline Mulhearne, Penny Ryan, Renee Neely, Sally Browne, Marisa Murray, Steven Perrin, Belinda Haag, Susan Shortridge, Tim Johnson and Steve Starr