Old 505 Theatre

Level 1, 5 Eliza Street, Newtown
Telephone: venue505@mac.com

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The Old 505 Theatre is an artist run performance space focussing on quality performance and community engagement & development. At the heart of what we do is support for original artists.

Established by Kerri Glasscock and Cameron Undy, 505 was developed as an artist run performance/workshop space for Sydney based musicians and theatrical performers. It was created as a meeting place for artists from two genres (music and theatre) to see each other’s work and initiate collaborations.

Our audience base, comprised of artists, local arts supporters and travellers, has developed into one of the most dedicated, respectful and committed in Australia.

The Old 505 Theatre offers artists and actors a place to see colleagues perform and, having built a solid reputation for our high caliber program, it offers local audiences a quality theatre experience.
More than just a landmark in its own right, The Old 505 Theatre has helped shape the arts and entertainment environment itself.

Recently re-combined with Venue 505 at the 5 Eliza location, from 2020 The Old 505 Theatre now once again serves as a meeting place between music and theatre artists and audiences.


This venue is not wheelchair accessible. If you have non-wheelchair related access requirements please contact the venue directly to discuss whether they can provide the access you need.

COVID Safety

Keeping our audiences, artists and staff safe, whilst doing our bit to help stop the spread of the Coronavirus is our number one priority. As such there are a number of procedures and protocols that you need to be aware of before visiting Old 505 Theatre.

What we are doing:

We are regularly cleaning all high touch surfaces, cleaning the full venue before and after performances, and deep cleaning the venue once a week.
Hand sanitizer is available throughout the venue.
Our staff are utilising PPE, and are temperature checked prior to work.
We have marked out the distanced areas between seating to ensure everyone maintains the 4m2 rule.
We have invested in additional POS systems so staff are not sharing equipment.
We will check in with you ahead of the performance to make sure you are well.
We will check in with you after the performance to provide resources and information on what you should do should you fall ill.
We are closely monitoring the advice of State and Federal Health Authorities to stay up to date on all changes in real time.
What you will need to do:
First and foremost, if you feel at all unwell please do not come to the Theatre. Stay at home.
Book your tickets – there are no door sales until further notice.
Consider downloading the Covid Safe app, and if you have it installed, please ensure it is running when you attend the Theatre.
When you arrive you will need to queue with the group you are attending with, on the designated markers down the entrance staircase, and along the street.
A staff member will allow groups to enter one at a time.
Once you have checked in, please sanitize your hands.
Please ensure the contact details of everyone in your group are registered with our team.
You will be shown to your seat, and one of our wonderful team members will come and take your first drink order, then deliver it to you in the theatre. (Your first drink is now included in your ticket price to make the whole process nice and easy). Please note, we no longer accept cash payments.
If throughout the evening you need to go to the bar or use the bathroom, please queue in the appropriate lines that are identified by large poster signage and floor markers.
After the performance please maintain your social distancing as you leave the venue, and be sure not to congregate on the footpath.

The Old 505 Theatre, Sydney Fringe and the producing companies have all developed and adhere to comprehensive COVID-safe plans. However, there is of course an inherent risk in attending live events during a pandemic and audiences choosing to attend do so at their own risk. Please feel free to contact Sydney Fringe or the Venue to receive a full copy of the COVID-safe plans.

If you are uncomfortable or unsure about attending the theatre in person, we encourage you to experience the work during our Global Fringe season online.

Where to Eat and Drink

There are literally hundreds of options nearby. The Old 505 is a hop away from vibrant King Street and it’s array of dining choices, just across the laneway though for the closest options possible try The Courthouse for a cheap and cheerful pub meal, Continental Deli for incredible dining and spectacular drinks, 212 Blu if you are after a coffee or the legendary Blackstar Bakery for all the sweet treats you could want.


The Old 505 is a three minute walk from Newtown Train Station and serviced by busses from all over Sydney on King Street routes.

Limited free timed and untimed street parking is available within walking distance. There are no dedicated disability parking spaces, but Ubers and Taxis can pull out directly out the front of the venue on Eliza Street.