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Julia Robertson, Little Eggs Collective



Sydney Fringe Festival has been a fertile ground for burgeoning talents, where artists carve their path into the limelight. Among these luminaries, the Little Eggs Collective stands tall, etching its mark with innovative productions and a collaborative spirit.

In an exclusive interview with Julia Robertson, the Artistic Director of Little Eggs Collective, we delve into their journey from humble beginnings to becoming icons of the Sydney Fringe scene.

“It all started with a leap of faith,” reminisces Julia Robertson, reflecting on their debut at the Sydney Fringe. Little Eggs Collective’s maiden production, “Patches,” unfolded at the Erskineville Town Hall during the 2016 festival. The play, a devised work exploring the intricacies of New South Wales foster care, resonated deeply with audiences, marking the collective’s entry into the theatrical realm.

“It was a beautiful, safe way for us to bridge the divide and connect with wider audiences,” Robertson recounts. The success of “Patches” propelled Little Eggs Collective into the spotlight, laying the foundation for their distinctive approach to storytelling.

In 2018, the collective returned to the Sydney Fringe stage with “Pinocchio,” a production that showcased their evolution as artists. Departing from acting roles, Robertson assumed the director’s mantle, leading a larger ensemble in a reimagining of the classic tale. The venue, a massive warehouse in Alexandria, served as a canvas for their creative vision, allowing them to experiment and innovate.


“Pinocchio was where the Little Eggs practice truly began to take shape,” Robertson asserts. “It was a pivotal moment, defining the way we collaborate and run a room.” The production encapsulated the essence of festival theatre—an amalgamation of new material and live performance, brimming with raw energy and spontaneity.

“Working on festival projects is exhilarating,” Robertson enthuses. “There’s an inherent thrill in presenting new material to an audience, knowing that every moment is unfolding in real-time.” For both artists and spectators, the festival stage offers a unique opportunity to witness creativity in its purest form—unscripted, unfiltered, and utterly captivating.

As Little Eggs Collective continues to push boundaries and defy conventions, their journey serves as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring artists. With each production, they reaffirm their status as icons of the Sydney Fringe Festival, leaving an indelible impression on the cultural landscape.

In the ever-evolving tapestry of Sydney’s artistic milieu, the Little Eggs Collective shines brightly, a testament to the transformative power of creativity and collaboration. As they embark on new ventures and embrace fresh challenges, their legacy endures, enriching the fabric of Australian theatre for generations to come.