Sydney Fringe Festival Awards 2023

Every year we work to secure ways for our artists to tour their work, ensuring productions have a life beyond our festival. Our awards program highlights exceptional performances and extends professional growth opportunities, propelling artists onto the global stage.

Touring Partnership Awards:

Exchange award programs with Fringe Festivals around Australia and the world offer our independent artists touring possibilities with financial and logistical support, as well as bringing stand-out independent work to Sydney that may otherwise not have the means to tour here.
Our award partnerships include:

  • New Zealand Fringe Tour Ready Award (March Festival)
  • The Melbourne Fringe Touring Award, presented by Melbourne Fringe (October Festival)
  • San Diego International Fringe Tour Ready Award (June Festival)
  • Hollywood Fringe Tour Ready Award (June Festival).



This is to acknowledge the incredible work and potential of an Emerging Artist across our festival.




Every year we award a best in the following categories for excellence in their genre.

  • Best In Comedy
  • Best In spoken word & storytelling
  • Best In Dance
  • Best In Circus & Physical Theatre
  • Best In Music
  • Best In Fringe Kids
  • Best In Immersive
  • Best In Musical Theatre & Cabaret
  • Best In Theatre


Best in Awards

Best in Theatre
  • Banana Crabtree Simon
  • Coil
  • Death in the Pantheon
  • The Mother
  • Plenty of Fish in the Sea (Winner)
Best in Comedy
  • Are you a Boy or a Girl? (Highly Commended)
  • Karate Man
  • Jazz or a Bucket of Blood
  • Fillow Talk’s Immersive Family Reunion
  • Sam Kissajukian: 300 Paintings (Winner)
Best in Immersive & Interactive
  • There’s Something About Bottom
  • Lilies & Dust
  • In/Finite Sol
  • Get Blind with Brian
  • Murder at the Bowlo
  • Journey to the Kingdom of Hypnos (Winner)
Best in Physical Theatre & Circus
  • Garry Starr Greece Lightning
  • GODZ
  • Jeromaia Detto: MUSH
  • Plenty of Fish in the Sea (Winner)
Best in Musical Theatre & Cabaret
  • Singular: An Improvised Cabaret
  • The Ukulele Man
  • Blank: An Improvised Musical
  • Tim Handsome: Almost Naked
  • Timberlina & Friends: A Drag Cabaret (Highly Commended)
  • Sydney Drag Stars (Winner)
Best in Spoken Word
  • Jon Bennett: Fire in the Meth Lab
  • Jon Bennett: How I Learnt to Hug
  • Jon Bennett: Playing with Men (Winner)
Best in Dance
  • Lien: One to One
  • Water/Mirror
  • LOVE/LOVE/LOVE/LOVE/LOVE (Highly Commended)
  • Unfolding (Winner)
Best in Music
  • Billie McCarthy
  • Phil Stack & Natalie Gillespie
  • Godriguez
  • Get Blind with Brian (Winner)
Best in Fringe Kids
  • Flabbergasters
  • Pocket Sized Circus
  • Wilbur the Optical Whale (Winner)
Best Emerging Artist Award
  • Frankie Fearce
  • Almitra Mavalvala
  • Melody Rachel
  • Brianna McCarthy (Winner)
  • Anita Lovell (Winner)

Touring/Remount Award Winner

Hollywood Fringe Tour Ready Award


Melbourne Fringe Tour Ready Award

Berliners – Nick and Tom

New Zealand Fringe Tour Ready Award


San Diego International Fringe Tour Ready Award

Jazz or a Bucket of Blood

Adelaide Fringe Tour Ready Award

The Ukulele Man

Fringe World Tour Ready Award

Jazz or a Bucket of Blood

Critical Stages Touring Development Award

The Ukulele Man

Accessible Arts Access Award

JD Zamora: FOMOsexual

Eldon & Anne Foote Trust Grant

Jolanta Juszkiewicz from The Mother

Additional Awards

Spirit of the Fringe

Carmel Clavin

Volunteer of the Year

Ian Elgey & Rachel Byrne

Festival Director's Award

Plenty of Fish in the Sea

Ultimate Spirit of the Fringe

Kerri Glasscock

Plenty of Fish in the Sea
Sam Kissajukian: 300 Paintings in Lockdown
Jon Bennett: Playing With Men
Wilbur the Optical Whale
110% Average (Anita Lovell)
Jazz or a Bucket of Blood
JD Zamora: FOMOsexual
The Mother