Deadly Tix

Yaama Yaama Mob!


Got ya DEADLY TIX for our 2023 Festival?

Sydney Fringe is creating more opportunities and accessibility for Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and other First Nations communities to have a fringeing good time!

DEADLY TIX = discounted tickets for Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and other First Nations people.

All Sydney Fringe Festival shows have allocated a % of their tickets to DEADLY TIX.

Tickets will be sold until allocation is exhausted.

It’s real simple to get ‘em.

Having trouble accessing DEADLY TIX or need to talk to someone to make a booking?

Get in touch with the Box Office


PH: 02 7813 4527

Browse our program and follow the prompts to book your ticket.  Select DEADLY TIX when asked which type of ticket you want, fill in your contact and payment details, and your DEADLY TIX will be emailed to your inbox.




Our aim is to make sure our audiences and artists truly represent the diversity of our beautiful city. Embodying the principle of “First Nations First” is vital to us, and we’re determined to put it into practice at every step of our journey as a Festival and organisation.

The Deadly Tix Program plays a key role in achieving our vision for a Festival that celebrates and respects First Nations People. By offering discounted tickets, we warmly invite underrepresented communities in our city to participate in the Fringe festivities.

Reducing financial barriers is essential because it acknowledges the existing gap in access to arts for indigenous Australians. Without the participation of First Nations people in our audiences, we wouldn’t be staying true to our principles or providing platforms for their voices to guide us.

Our hope for the future is to see barriers dismantled, making programs like Deadly Tix obsolete. We’re devoted to removing access barriers and ensuring The Sydney Fringe becomes a space where everyone can unite in the celebration of arts and culture.