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Green Tea

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When an evil spirit torments the kind and respected Reverend Mr Jennings, there is only one man he can turn to. A self prescribed philosophical physician and an expert in these matters, Dr. Martin Hesselius applies the works of Swedish philosopher and ‘spiritualistʼ, Emanuel Swedenborg, in trying to extract the influences that have fastened themselves upon the good Reverend.

Swedenborg believed that we have with us two demons whose ultimate goal is to destroy us.

In this story there is only one demon, who haunts the Reverend and is always visible to him, day or night. Even when the Reverend is in the supposed sanctuary of his church and private residence the demon menaces him, urging him to destroy himself.


7:30 pm Tuesday - Saturday

Student/Concession $15 | Standard $25| Groups of 6+ $20

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